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Victorinox Delémont: reliable Swiss army knives

The Delémont series is a collection of pocket knives formerly produced by Wenger. Victorinox took over the Wenger factory in 2005. The Delémont collection is named after the city where the former Wenger factory is still located. The pocket knives as you were familiar with from Wenger have all been adopted by Victorinox in the Delémont collection. The combination of Swiss precision of both Victorinox and Wenger makes this series a true asset to our range.

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Features of Victorinox Delémont

Wenger pocket knives have been incorporated into Victorinox' range, and upgraded according to the brand's high quality standards. For instance, the models feature the high-quality anodising we have come to appreciate. Victorinox pulled out all the stops to put the Delémont series on the map.

Heritage and innovation

The Delémont series marks the fusion of heritage and innovation after Wenger merged with Victorinox. It combines the reliability you've grown accustomed to from Wenger with the finesse of Victorinox. The pocket knives as you were familiar with from Wenger have all been adopted by Victorinox. For example, the EvoWood series with handles made from luxurious walnut wood or the comfortable EvoGrip models with rubber inlays for a better grip.


The Delémont collection introduces new elements like improved handles, different tools and locking mechanisms. This evolution goes hand in hand with Victorinox's commitment to quality and precision, resulting in improved manufacturing processes and materials. The range is expanded with new models and functionalities not previously available in Wenger's assortment.

Still, iconic features remain unchanged, like the distinct red colour or the Victorinox logo. The Delémont collection embodies the reliability and performance that both Victorinox and Wenger are known for.