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Which Victorinox Swiss pocket knife will suit me best?

Choosing the best Victorinox pocket knife: it could be a challenge. After all, with hundreds of versions finding the differences could be tricky. For that reason we have listed the most important ones to help you make the best possible choice.

It is incredibly tempting to give you a list of tools and tell you what you can do with them. However, that is not the first choice you need to make. For that reason we will start with size.

Victorinox and Wenger: what was that about again?

But before we begin we first need to explain something about the relationship between Victorinox and Wenger. For a long time Victorinox and Wenger were standing side by side as giants dominating the Swiss pocket knife world. Two individual brands. At some point, however, Victorinox took over the Wenger factory, and in time the Wenger models were no longer available or replaced by Victorinox models. The old Wenger models are now available as a part of the Délemont collection at Victorinox. This is good to know because it can explain some of the seemingly small or nonsensical differences in size, model, finish or functionalities.

Which size Victorinox pocket knife?

Victorinox produces really small but also rather large Swiss pocket knives, and, of course, everything in between. Generally speaking these knives are not scary at all, but it is important to know in which surroundings you want to use the knife. Not everyone is used to knives so they could be rather surprised when you pull out a knife with a 9 cm blade. At the same time no one will even be bothered when you carry the same knife in the woods or at the campfire. As a result you should always choose a realistic size to suit your purpose.

An overview of the Victorinox sizes, from the Victorinox catalogue. © Victorinox

Pictured above is an overview of all current Victorinox models. For the scale you will also find the multi-tools. From keychain pocket knives such as the 58 mm models to the 130 mm big guys. These sizes are measured when the pocket knives are closed, without the lanyard eye. In addition, we selected a model for each size to make sure you get an idea of what you can expect.

Victorinox 58 mm Swiss pocket knives

We start small with the 58 mm-line with models such as the Victorinox Classic, with all its versions, but also the Jetsetter, Rambler, [Signature](kato://product/VT 06225), Manager and many other models. These Swiss pocket knives are all so compact they can keep your keys company. As a result you will always have it close.

Victorinox models with this size are available in Cellidor and sometimes in Alox. In the next chapter we will explain more about the differences between the materials used for the handles.

Victorinox 65 mm Swiss pocket knives

This is a very small collection within the Victorinox range. A couple models from the old Wenger collection that are still produced. Think of the Victorinox Exectutive 81, Wenger’s previous counterpart of the Victorinox Classic. These models are slightly larger than the 58 mm models.

These models are available with Cellidor handles.

Victorinox 74 mm Swiss pocket knives

Like the 65 mm collection there are also a limited amount of 74 mm models. Some models that are a part of the collection are the Victorinox Executive and the Victorinox Ambassador. Both a little smaller than the regular Swiss pocket knives, but larger than the keychain models.

These models are mostly available with the Cellidor handle.

Victorinox 84 mm Swiss pocket knives

Another smaller size, but a little closer to the regular models. In this collection you will find the children’s pocket knives from the My First Victorinox collection. But also popular models such as the Victorinox Waiter, Victorinox Bantam and Victorinox Cadet are a part of this collection. This size is very similar to the 91 and 93 mm models. 

The handles in this collection are made from Alox and Cellidor.

Victorinox 85 mm Swiss pocket knives

In terms of size it is a difference of only one mm, in terms of how it feels in hand they couldn’t be more different. These knives are, after all, the Evo-models from the Delémont collection. These versions have an ergonomic grip and are enhanced with a couple of typical Wenger characteristics. The scissors, for instance, have been enhanced with serrations. In addition, some models in this collection have been enhanced with a lock. These models have an S in their product number. Such as the Victorinox Evolution S17.

The 85 mm models are available with an ergonomic Cellidor handle, but also with a composite handle made from Cellidor and rubber or walnut wood. More about that in the next chapter.

Victorinox 91 mm Swiss pocket knives

The 91 mm Victorinox knives are the basis of the entire brand. Most versions and most tools can be found in this collection. All enhanced with Cellidor handles. We are talking about the Victorinox Huntsman, Spartan, Climber or the beast: the SwissChamp XAVT. In this collection you will find a suitable Victorinox for everyone. Whether you go camping, are planning to work around the house, or are looking for a pocket knife for in your backpack.

Victorinox  93 mm Swiss pocket knives

From 91 mm to 93 mm is a very small step. The difference between both can be found in the materials: the 93 mm collection is the basis model for all Alox knives. Where the 91 mm collection is enhanced with Cellidor handles, the 93 mm collection has Alox handles. This collection has fewer tools. With the exception of the Pioneer X, there is no other 93 mm model enhanced with a pair of scissors. The most famous collections with this size are the Pioneer knives and the Farmers.

Victorinox 111 mm Swiss pocket knives

Slightly larger models that also offer people with large hands enough to hold. In this collection you will also find knives with a lock, and blades that can be opened with one hand. It is therefore a line that competes with EDC-pocket knives.

This collection is filled with models such as the Outrider, WorkChamp, Hunter and the Soldiers knife. But also the famous Rescue tool.

Victorinox 130 mm Swiss pocket knives

Do they get even bigger? Yes they do! The Victorinox 130 mm collection is comprised of Ranger models that are also a part of Wenger’s legacy. A little bigger and often enhanced with a lock and a blade that can be opened with one hand.

These knives all have a Cellidor handle with rubber parts, or a wooden handle

Which handle for a Victorinox pocket knife?

Ok you selected the right size. Now it is time to choose the right handle material. Because you already chose a specific size some handle materials are no longer an option because they are not produced in that size. It makes your choice a little easier, or you should change size to end up with the handle material of your choice. To find out which material will suit you best it is a good idea to look at the qualities of the different handle materials. 

Victorinox pocket knives with Cellidor handle

Ask for the colour of a Swiss pocket knife and the answer will be ‘red’. It is because Victorinox has been known for years for its bright-red Cellidor handles. Cellidor is a thermoplastic plastic that has been available for years. This, however, doesn’t mean that this material is outdated! On the contrary, it means that the quality of the handles withstood the test of time.

Cellidor handles are the standard for Victorinox. Almost all models are enhanced with these plastic handles. Practical about the Cellidor handles is that they are all enhanced with a tooth pick and tweezers.  The material is strong enough for everyday use. You do, however, need to accept that it is prone to scratch. Did you drop your Victorinox with Cellidor handle on a slab of concrete? The handle could be broken. Part of the deal.

Victorinox produces Cellidor handles in different colours. From ‘standard’ red to transparent red, but also blue, black, white and other transparent colours are available.

When it comes to the amount of different versions you will find most in this category. This is the basic model for the Swiss pocket knife, almost all models are available with a Cellidor handle. A perfect Victorinox for everyone.

Swiss pocket knives for demanding tasks: the Victorinox Alox knives

The strongest Victorinox pocket knives are those enhanced with Alox handles. These handles are made from aluminium and enhanced with a texture for enough grip. It is for a reason that for years soldiers are given an Alox model as their own personal pocket knife.

Limited Edition Victorinox Alox models from the 2018 collection

The Alox models feel really solid, while, at the same time, they are relatively light-weight. This combination has made the Alox pocket knives popular for years. However, because the handles are so solid it is difficult to add tweezers or a toothpick. These are therefore not included.

Every year Victorinox introduces three basic models with special Alox colours: the Classic, Cadet and Pioneer. Each year with a new colour making them incredibly popular collector’s items. There are people who purchase all three versions each year to own all the colours of the rainbow after years of collecting Victorinox Alox knives.

Cellidor and rubber: the Victorinox grip models

For a little additional ergonomics and comfort you can choose the so-called grip versions. These are Swiss pocket knives with striking ergonomic handles. A little curvier to make sure they feel great in hand. Specific parts of the handle have been enhanced with rubber inlays. As a result you will have enough grip, even in wet circumstances.

Many of these models can be found in the Victorinox EvoGrip and Ranger collection. Originally these handles were produced by Wenger.

Victorinox EvoWood models

There are also Swiss pocket knives with wooden handles. Striking about the wooden handles is that they have the same wonderful curves as the EvoGrip models. So slightly more ergonomic, but nice and fancy for special occasions. As a result a Swiss pocket knife suddenly becomes a gentleman’s knife.

The wooden handles are, with some exceptions, made from walnut wood. Dark wood with a nice pattern. This type of wood has been used for years for the handles of hunting rifles and such.

Which tools do I need in my Victorinox?

You know which size you might need and you selected the right type of handle material. Afterwards you are still left with a couple of options. That’s when it comes down to the specific tools you will need.

Practically all Victorinox pocket knives are enhanced with a knife. Except from the Jetsetter this is a given for all the Victorinox pocket knives we sell. Aside from that an entire world of possibilities will open right before your eyes. Most Cellidor models are enhanced with tweezers and a toothpick. Aside from those almost all models are different. Do you enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at the office? Choose a Victorinox with a corkscrew. Also practical on the campsite. In that situation a bottle and can opener will also come in handy. Want to saw some kindling to build a fire? A little saw on a Victorinox pocket knife could be the solution!  Do you often forget to bring a pen? A Victorinox with built-in pen will be perfect for you. Do you often come across different types of screws? Choose the Cybertool which is also enhanced with pliers

The Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT has the most tools of all Swiss pocket knives.

There are as many as 100 different types of tools that can be found on Swiss pocket knives. Some of those are no longer available today, but that still means you are left with thousands of combinations. For that reason it is a good idea to carefully think about which tools you will really need.

Victorinox for children

A Swiss pocket knife for children is the perfect way to let them become acquainted with the amazing pocket knife world. For that reason Victorinox has produced some models specifically for children: My First Victorinox. We have selected all of them on the My First Victorinox page.

What are the most popular Victorinox pocket knives?

You are, of course, not the first looking for a Victorinox pocket knife. Millions beat you to it. We didn’t sell millions of them but because we have been selling Victorinox pocket knives for years we know which models are popular. For that reason we made a top-10 with the most popular Victorinox pocket knives from our range.

Which Swiss pocket knives are dishwasher proof?

Okay, not really a question you might expect. And if all goes well you don’t intend to put your pocket knives in the dishwasher. We, however, have an interesting test where we did indeed place different Swiss pocket knives in the dishwasher. Amongst those also a standard Cellidor Victorinox model and an Alox pocket knife.

Victorinox multi-tools: Swiss Spirit with firm pliers

Have you decided that you will need more than a Victorinox pocket knife? If so you could always choose the Victorinox Swisstool Multi-tool. Enhanced with solid pliers and made from the same top-quality materials as the pocket knives. This also means that the Victorinox multi-tools have, in most cases, a better finish than multi-tools produced by competitors.

Some tips from Knivesandtools

We, of course, also have our own favourites when it comes to Swiss pocket knives. Models of which we know that they are enhanced with a bunch of practical tools. For that reason we have a listed a couple of them


Granted: choosing the best Victorinox pocket knife for your specific purpose remains tricky. We hope, however, that we have given you a couple of great tips in order for you to make the right choice. A slight nudge in the right direction. With this knowledge you can use the filter on the Victorinox page to select the best knife.