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Demko Knives: creator of the industry's most innovative, strong locking mechanisms

Andrew Demko is one of the best designers in the knife world. He is known for his innovative contributions to the industry. Especially well-known are his inventions of the Tri-Ad-Lock and the Scorpion Lock for Cold Steel. Demko has continued to deliver, now for his own brand, with popular models like the AD 20.5, a knife series equipped with the one-handed Shark-Lock. This locking mechanism can be seen as a further development of his previous designs, and it is one of the coolest locks to date. Demko Knives also produces cool fixed knives for tactical purposes.

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Fast delivery from our own stock
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More than 16.000 products

Reasons to choose Demko Knives

After years of working with Cold Steel and gaining experience in the knife industry, Andrew Demko knows better than anyone how to create a good production knife. This expertise combined with his contacts in the industry are the reason why Demko Knives is able to manufacture excellent knives. So, if you choose a Demko knife you can count on top-notch quality!

Demko Knives series

Demko Knives AD20.5

The AD20.5 knives are produced in Taiwan and made of high-quality materials. They are available in different premium steel types like CPM 3V or CPM 20CV, and in different handle materials like G10 or titanium. There's something for everyone! The AD20.5 is equipped with the popular Shark-Lock.

Demko Knives AD20

The AD20 collection is made in the USA, unlike the AD20.5 collection which is produced in Taiwan. The AD20 is a bit larger, making it suitable for heavy-duty use. The AD20 is available in a variety of premium steel types and handle materials and is equipped with the popular Shark-Lock locking system.

Demko Knives FreeReign

The FreeReign series is designed to be a hard-use knife for intensive use. This is reflected in the 5-mm thick blade and the grippy handle. You can clearly see Andrew's style. For example, the handle resembles the Cold Steel AD10 and AD15. The FreeReign comes with a patent-pending MOLLE-compatible kydex sheath. A special feature of the sheath is its construction which ensures your knife doesn't lose its sharp edge.

Demko Knives Armiger

The Armiger collection consists of two sizes of fixed knives: the smaller Armiger 2 and the larger Armiger 4. The Armiger 2 comes with a kydex sheath with a clip that allows you to carry the knife around your neck or attach it to your keys. The Armiger 4 comes with the FreeReign sheath, patent pending.

Demko Knives Shark-Cub

The Knives Shark-Cub was created in response to fans' demand for a smaller, more compact pocket knife. The Shark-Cub also features the innovative Shark-Lock lock and is available in different blade shapes. With its smaller size and deep-carry pocket clip, the Shark-Cub is ideal for EDC use.

About Demko Knives

Andrew Demko is the founder and owner of Demko Knives. He found his calling in 1988 when he started out blacksmithing chisels. His passion for the trade soon led to knife making. Andrew's passion for engineering and attention to detail stood out. At Cold Steel, Andrew made his mark by designing some of the most innovative and powerful locking mechanisms in the industry. This includes the legendary Tri-Ad-Lock, the Scorpion Lock, and later for his own brand: the Shark Lock. Following the acquisition of Cold Steel by GSM Outdoors in 2018, Andrew expanded his business with his brother, John Demko. John brought a lot of expertise in the fields of custom knife production, manufacturing and sales. Long-term friend and fellow knife maker Mike Wallace also joined the team. Today, Demko Knives produces high-quality knives with innovative features. Demko knives are very popular amongst knife fans.

Frequently asked questions about Demko Knives