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ESEE Zancudo: simply practical

The ESEE Zancudo is one of ESEE's most popular pocket knives. It's a simple, yet practical pocket knife for daily use. Nothing more, nothing less. There are many versions available of the Zancudo. There are differences in finish, steel type and handle material. There's a suitable Zancudo for everyone! And all that at amazing prices.

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Features of the ESEE Zancudo

ESEE Zancudo: blade

ESEE pocket knives are either made from D2 steel or AUS8 steel. The advantage of D2 steel is that it is a tough type of steel that is easy to sharpen. Perfect for a pocket knife that was made to be used. The only thing you need to take into account is rust: D2 is not entirely stainless. Fortunately you get a lot of toughness and strength in return. AUS8 steel is a user-friendly, stainless type of steel. Incredibly easy to sharpen to razor-sharpness.

ESEE Zancudo: handle

Like the blade, the handles of the ESEE Zancudo are available in different handle materials. Zytel, nylon, steel or carbon fibre. All handles are ergonomically-sound and feel great in hand.

ESEE: craftsmanship

The knives by ESEE owe their strong, robust character to ESEE's skilled manufacturing process. Heat treatment is an extremely important step to achieve the final properties of the blade. ESEE knives has truly perfect this process. As a result, you'll have to try very hard if you wanted to break the steel. If you try hard enough, of course any knife can break. ESEE knives are definitely strong enough to handle both heavy-duty use and everyday use.