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Work Sharp sharpens any bladed tool

Use the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener to sharpen all your tools! From fish hooks to darts to small axes; this sharpener can do it all and more. The Work Sharp sharpener is perfect for kitchen knives too.

Work Sharp's engineers have been perfecting the art of sharpening for over 40 years. Knives, scissors, axes, chisels... It's all possible. Work Sharp's sharpening systems feel like you're sharpening on a way larger and heavier system than you actually are. However, with their compact size these sharpeners are perfect for home use.

Sharpening on sharpening stones requires some practice, but anyone can sharpen with a sharpener from Work Sharp. Just set the system up and get sharpening! The sharpener made in collaboration with knife maker Ken Onion has a perfect angle guide, making it very easy to set the right sharpening angle. Work Sharp offers the right sharpening method for anyone who wants to achieve a professional sharpening result in a quick and simple way.

Apart from the systems mentioned above, Work Sharp has some other electric sharpening systems as well as accessories. Work Sharp's range is extensive. Want to learn more about electric sharpening systems or designer Ken Onion? Check out the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition instruction video.