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New: Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpening system

The Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpening system is a larger and upgraded version of the super-popular Work Sharp Precision Adjust. With the biggest upgrades being the solid, metal construction, the digital angle indicator and the addition of a 'small knife table' that allows you to sharpen even the smallest pocket knives and kitchen knives.

With this sharpening system you end up with reproducible and accurate sharpening results at sharpening angles from 15 to 30 degrees. Sharpen outdoor knives, like bushcraft and survival knives. Kitchen knives like chef's knives and bread knives. Or any kind of pocket knife. The possibilities are endless.

What's in the box?

The Professional Precision Adjust contains:

  • The Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpening system.
  • Small knife table: a mini sharpening table so you can sharpen the smallest pocket knives and kitchen knives.
  • Digital angle indicator.
  • Clamp stabilising platform: a support for under the clamp when sharpening heavy knives.
  • Interchangeable 220, 320, 400, 600 and 800 grit diamond sharpening stones. These sharpening stones will quickly make any dull knife sharp again.
  • A leather strop and a ceramic sharpening stone for the sharpest results and a round ceramic sharpening steel to sharpen serrated knives.

Metal base

The base of the Professional Precision Adjust is made of metal. A big upgrade from its predecessor, the Precision Adjust, which has a plastic base. By using metal, there is less flexibility in the system and you get more accurate sharpening results. The base is also reinforced, making the sharpening system stand steadier on a table. For those who plan to use the system often: the base of the Professional Precision Adjust features screw holes. With these, you mount the sharpening system permanently on a workbench.

Clamp and tilting system

The clamp is made from steel too. The clamp is magnetically attached to the base. This also makes it possible to remove the clamp, knife and all, from the base. As such, you can easily take a close look at the edge of your knife during sharpening. In addition, the clamp can turn 360 degrees. You therefore don't need to remove the knife from the clamp in order to sharpen the other side of the blade. Is the knife too long to turn without hitting the table? This can happen with some kitchen knives. Work Sharp has the solution for this problem! The entire sharpening system is pivotable. Pull up the handle at the back of the system, and tilt the system backwards. Now you have more space underneath the blade you're sharpening, making it easier to rotate the clamp 360 degrees.

The clamp has a rubber interior to prevent scratches on your blade, and accommodates knives up to 6 mm thick. More than enough for even the thicker survival knives. And speaking of those thick survival knives: when designing the Professional Precision Adjust, Work Sharp carefully listened to feedback from the community! The system includes a 'clamp stabilising platform'. This is a little extra supporting piece that you can slide under the clamp. So the clamp will rest on top of the stabilising platform. This provides just that little bit of extra stability when sharpening a thick and heavy survival knife, for example.

Mini sharpening table

But that is not all. The Professional Precision Adjust also features what Work Sharp calls a 'small knife table'. To sharpen the smallest pocket knives or kitchen knives. This is a sharpening table that you use instead of the clamp. Just like the 'clamp stabilizing platform', you slide the sharpening table onto the base of the sharpening system. This sharpening table is magnetic, so the blade remains in place.

But how do you use the sharpening table? The edge of the sharpening table shows a yellow line. The edge of the pocket knife or kitchen knife you're sharpening needs to be placed right on top of this line, from beginning to tip. Place the back of the blade against the sliding system. Using the rotary knobs, you make little adjustments for the desired positioning of the edge. The rotary knob on the front allows you to place the beginning of the knife's edge just slightly on top of the yellow line. When you have done this, use the rear rotary knob. This will push the tip of the knife forward so that is also on top of the yellow line. Now you can use the sharpening system as usual with the clamp to sharpen your blade. Very clever!

Sharpening angle and the digital angle indicator

Using the knob on top of the sharpening system, you infinitely adjust a sharpening angle from 15 to 30 degrees. Enough to sharpen almost any knife! The sharpening system shows you the sharpening angle of the clamp on the left side in steps of 5 degrees. The sharpening system shows you the sharpening angle of the sharpening table on the left side in steps of 5 degrees.

Want to be sure you're using the right angle? That's where the digital angle indicator comes in. It has a magnet, and you place it on the guiding bar of the sharpening stone holder. The display shows even more accurately, to two decimal points, at which sharpening angle you are sharpening.

Sharpening stones and holder

The sharpening stone holder is magnetic, making it easy to attach a sharpening stone to the holder. You can quickly and easily select the right sharpening stone without having to remove the holder or a sharpening stone from the system.

The sharpening system comes with the following diamond sharpening stones: 220, 320, 400, 600 and 800 grit. The 220 and 320 grit sharpening stones are coarse stones for repairing a damaged edge or changing the sharpening angle. The 400 and 600 grit sharpening stones are medium grit stones for sharpening relatively blunt knives. And the final 800 grit sharpening stone is a fine-grit for making and keeping your knives razor-sharp! For the finishing touch, there's a ceramic sharpening stone that you can use after the 800 grit stone. There is a leather strop too, which also fits into the holder. You use this to polish the edge after using the ceramic sharpening stone.

On the back of the sharpening stone holder is a ceramic sharpening steel that you use to sharpen serrated knives. Like a bread knife, for example. This ceramic sharpening steel can also be used to quickly give the edge of your pocket knife or kitchen knife a little touch-up.

The sharpening stone holder contains a handle to make sure your hand never gets close to the sharp edge of your knives. The steel guiding rod has a screw thread that you use to screw it into the sharpening system. The metal guiding rod is long enough to also allow you to sharpen longer kitchen knives. For example, chef's knives, carving knives or filleting knives. The guiding rod has rubber rings that you slide over it. This determines how far you can slide the sharpening stone holder over the guide rod.

After you're done using the sharpening system, simply place the sharpening stone holder upright in the system. A recess at the top of the system holds the sharpening stone holder in place. All in all, the Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust is one of the most complete and innovative sharpening systems on the market. A worthy successor to the standard Precision Adjust!