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Spotlight: Victorinox Outrider

The Victorinox Outrider is one of the larger pocket knives introduced by the Swiss brand. With 14 functions, this Swiss pocket knife will serve you well during many different situations. The knife and wood saw are great for outdoor activities. Think of hiking, bushcraft and geocaching. Because of the additional pair of scissors and philips head screwdriver you can use this tool both indoors and outdoors. Household-meets-outdoor, as Victorinox likes to say!

The fourteen functions for the Victorinox Outrider:


The pocket knife has an iconic 8 cm droppoint blade, like we see on many Victorinox pocket knives. The blade is locked by a liner lock.

Can opener with smalls screwdriver

An old-fashioned can opener? Great for survival situations when you need to spend the night in the wild with a can of beans.


The awl is located perfectly in the middle. As a result, you have enough grip but can also apply sufficient force. Great when piercing through a leather belt or willow bark for DIY projects.

Wood saw

The small saw can be used as both a pull and push saw. As such, you can precisely make a notch in your tent pegs while camping, for example. You can also use the saw on branches up to approx. 4 cm.

Long narrow philips head screwdriveren

The long philips head screwdriver is great when you need to adjust the hinges of a kitchen cabinet door or hang a picture frame or light fixture.


Opposite the awl you will find the corkscrew. The corkscrew is also nicely centred to make sure you can apply enough force on this tool as well. Today, many bottles of wine come with a screw cap, but most high-quality wines still have an old-fashioned cork. So when you find yourself on a beach watching the sunset, you can still easily open your favourite bottle of wine.


Small but razor-sharp. A small spring-enhanced pair of scissors, great when opening packages and cutting band aids to size.

Tooth pick and tweezers

As we have grown accustomed to from Victorinox the scales feature hidden tweezers and a tooth pick. Great if you want to remove leftover pieces of freshly caught trout from your teeth. The tweezers come in handy when you need to remove a splinter.

Bottle opener with flathead screwdriver and wire stripper

The pocket knife has a good bottle opener that doubles as a flathead screwdriver. To make this tool even more versatile it contains a sharp cut-out that can be used as a wire stripper.

Key ring

The Outrider also has a little key ring. Use the ring to attach the tool to your bunch of keys to make sure you will always have it within reach when you might need it. Or add a lanyard to the ring for a personal touch!