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Spotlight: Victorinox Huntsman

When you think of a Swiss pocket knife, you think of the Victorinox Huntsman. The Huntsman is the iconic pocket knife that started it all for Victorinox. Today, this pocket knife is still the most popular model sold by the brand. And with good reason! Where does this model come from and what was the original concept behind this collection? In this spotlight we will discuss the Victorinox Huntsman!

History of Victorinox

Victorinox is rooted in Switzerland where it started a knife forgery in 1884. They started supplying knives to the Swiss army, which led to the iconic collaboration between the company and the Swiss army. The result was the recognizable and praised Victorinox Huntsman.

The Huntsman model

The Victorinox Huntsman is an iconic pocket knife. It is still so popular today because of its proven reliability and versatility. Throughout the years the pocket knife evolved in cooperation with the Swiss army. It also adheres to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, campers and adventurers. It contains most essential tools which are common for a Swiss pocket knife, all made from stainless steel, stored in a compact casing. You can get through almost anything. When it's time to get off the beaten track you will want to keep your Victorinox Huntsman close.

Characterizing features

With its 15 tools, the Victorinox Huntsman is there to help you with any task.

Large blade

A sharp and large blade to peel and cut an apple.

Small blade

A smaller blade to carry out precise and delicate cutting tasks, for which you would prefer a slimmer blade.


A corkscrew to open a nice bottle of wine.

Can opener

To open that can of beans for breakfast.

Small screwdriver

To tighten small screws with a philips or flat head.

Bottle opener

To open a nice cold drink on a warm day.

Large screwdriver

To tighten larger screws.

Wire stripper

A specific tool to strip wires.

A punch

Great when piercing through, or making holes in different materials.

Wood saw

Great when sawing branches for a number of bushcraft tasks.


To cut many different things.

Multi-purpose hook

Functions like a hook to hang something from, or pull something with.

Tooth pick

A small and practical integrated tooth pick.


Tweezers for tasks where you need to be very careful.


A keychain to secure things and for ease of carry.

Don't need so many tools and are you looking for a more compact, lightweight Swiss pocket knife? Why not check out the Victorinox Spartan.

Types and collectors

Collectors can focus on specific models, like the classic Swiss army knife, or more specialized versions such as the Huntsman Lite model. They can also collect limited editions, colours, special editions or knives with unique handle designs. Some collectors also appreciate older models, which are possibly no longer be produced, and they hunt for antique pieces to enrich their collection.