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New: TSProf sharpening system

We proudly present TSProf: a robust sharpening system that combines precision and ease of use like never before. This system is currently gaining popularity worldwide, mainly in Russia, the former Soviet States and the United States. In Western Europe this system is still hard to obtain. Fortunately that is about to change!

TSProf is a Russian brand that started developing the ultimate sharpening system in 2010. The goal: make systematic sharpening accessible to all by using only the best, safest and most sustainable materials. Not long ago this system was introduced and made available in different versions. This means that it is basically one system with various expansion possibilities. However, this system is still under development: TSProf continuously strives for even more quality. The kit we can offer is the K-02 LE Extended edition.

The 'old' TSPROF K02 LE Extended
TSPROF K03 Outdoorsman

From the Russian weapon capital Izjevsk

When you want to sharpen knives precision is key. For that reason this sharpening system is produced in Izjevsk, close to the European-Asian border that crosses Russia. This city is known as the centre for the Russian weapon industry. Michail Kalasjnikov, for instance, developed the famous AK-47 here: an incredibly reliable rifle, thanks to the top-quality materials used. 

TSProf wanted to mirror the craftsmanship that the gunsmiths exhibited in Izhevsky. When the brand started developing a sharpening system in 2010, people almost believed it to be a utopia. So much class, so much accuracy, it simply couldn’t be real. Every part and every cog was carefully thought out. Continuously the manufacturers asked themselves what the possible disadvantages of specific materials could be. But that wasn’t all, the price was also constantly kept in mind: this system had to be remain affordable. The result – the K-01, see the resemblance with the name of the kalasjnikov – was a universal model that requires minimal skills and effort to end up with razor-sharp knives, axes and other tools.

Auto-lock system

However, there was still room for improvement. Users had to experience even more convenience. For that reason the K-02 was developed, with as most important addition compared to the K-01 a rotation mechanism with an auto-lock after rotating 180 degrees. The clamp that holds the knife during the sharpening process is attached to it. Because of the exact rotation of 180 degrees a knife is sharpened on both sides from exactly the same angle: even more precision.

This incredibly advanced sharpening system has already been the subject of many positive reviews on YouTube. The most famous one appeared on the popular channel called Wranglerstar. The video is also visible on our product page. Curious? Check out the TSProf K-02 LE Extented today!