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SHOT Show 2024: the new Benchmade products

The SHOT Show in Vegas enables outdoor and knife brands to launch their newest products for the coming year. Each year we travel to Vegas to be the first to know all about the new launches. Check out all new Benchmade products here!

About the New Benchmade Bugouts

The Benchmade Bugout collection has been one of Benchmade's most popular collections for years. In 2024 Benchmade launched even more colours of this amazing knife! Including a full-size Bugout with Tan Grivory scales, CPM S30V steel and orange anodized hardware. But also a new Mini Bugout with the colour: Sage Green. This model is also enhanced with a blade made from CPM S30V steel and gold anodized hardware. Remarkable about this model is the new, shiny Cerakote Crushed Silver coating on the blade.

For years the Bugout has also been one of our favourites. We look forward to adding the new Bugouts to our website very soon. The Benchmade Bugout Tan Grivory will be available in February, and the Benchmade Mini Bugout Sage Green in March. Check out all Benchmade Bugout pocket knives here.

About the new Benchmade Bushcrafter collection

The Benchmade Bushcrafter collection also welcomed a couple amazing upgrades. Let's start with the Benchmade Bushcrafter 163BK designed by Shane Sibert from Sibert Knives. A solid, full-tang fixed knife with carbon fibre scales, red G10 liners and hollow, titanium rivets. The blade is made from CPM CruWear steel and has a black Cerakote coating. A filler ensures that the blade is even stronger. The knife comes with a solid plastic sheath you can wear both horizontally and vertically on your belt. The sheath also has a removable mounting option for your firesteel.

Another great addition to the Bushcrafter collection is the 165-1 Mini Bushcrafter. A slightly smaller, but also full-tang fixed knife made from CPM S30V steel and OD Green G10 scales with red G10 liners. This knife comes with a beautiful leather sheath including a mounting option for your firesteel.

We hope to quickly add this collection to our website! Check out all Benchmade knives here.

Benchmade Bushcrafter
Benchmade Bushcrafter
Benchmade sheath Mini Bushcrafter 165-1 and Bushcrafter 163BK
Benchmade sheath Mini Bushcrafter 165-1 and Bushcrafter 163BK

About the new Benchmade Narrows

Last year we first learned all about the Benchmade Narrows. The thinnest knife in the Benchmade collection. We are glad to announce the brand added a new version of this amazing, lightweight pocket knife! The new Benchmade Narrows 748BK-01 is enhanced with a matt-black titanium handle and a blade made from Böhler M390 steel with a polished black DLC coating. The pivot screw and the pocket clip also contain this DLC coating.

The new Benchmade Narrows is launched in March. We will, of course, try to add this knife to our website as quickly as possible.

About the new Benchmade Full Immunity Gold Glass Carbon Fibre

The new Benchmade Full Immunity! A limited edition pocket knife with unlimited features. Remarkable about the new Full Immunity is the handle made from the so-called unidirectional carbon fibre. We had to google it ourselves as well, but for this type of carbon fibre all carbon fibres are pointing in the same direction. As such you are left with a high concentration of fibres. The result is a rock-solid material that also nicely reflects in the light. Quite a unique type of material for the handle of a pocket knife. The pivot screw, thumb stud, liners, pocket clip and lanyard bead are enhanced with a blue sapphire PVD coating. Oh, and did we already mention that the Wharncliffe blade is made from Aegir Damasteel damascus? We are fans!

The Bechmade Full Immutity Gold Class Carbon Fibre will be launched in April. We will, of course, try to add this knife to our website as quickly as possible. Check out an older model of the Benchmade Full Immunity collection.

About the new Benchmade Water collection

The new Benchmade Water collection is comprised of six knives. 2 pocket knives, 2 fixed knives and 2 filleting knives. Great for fishermen! Benchmade used Depth Blue Grivory for the handles of the pocket knives and Depth Blue Santoprene for the fixed and filleting knives. Not only is this collection comprised of different types of knives, it has another cool feature we would like to mention. The blade of each knife is namely made from stainless CPM MagnaCut steel. As such this collection can also withstand days out fishing at sea.

The Benchmade Water collection is comprised of:

  • Benchmade Adira pocket knife (Grivory handle and AXIS lock)
  • Benchmade Mini Adira pocket knife (Grivory handle and Axis lock)
  • Benchmade Intersect fixed knife
  • Benchmade Undercurrent fixed knife
  • Benchmade Fishcrafter filleting knife
  • Benchmade Large Fishcrafter filleting knife

The Benchmade Water collection is launched in May. We will, of course, try to add this collection to our website as quickly as possible.

Benchmade Water Line
The Benchmade Adira and Mini Adira
Benchmade Intersect, Undercurrent and Fishcrafter
Benchmade Intersect, Undercurrent and Fishcrafter

About Benchmade

Benchmade knives are made for daily use. From professionals who need to be able to rely on their knives to enthusiasts who use it for daily tasks. Each Benchmade knife is produced in the United States by experts. Whether you peel an apple or open a box on a daily basis, if you are there for others as a professional or simply love knives: Benchmade produces knives for you!