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Shot Show 2020: the newest Gerber knives and multi-tools

Shot Show 2020, an annual event in Las Vegas. Anyone who has heard of Vegas has heard of the phrase 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. This week is a massive exception. At the Shot Show brands and designers show off their newest products and talk about their plans for the future. One of these brands is Gerber. We stopped by to find out more about what great things they have in store for 2020. Enjoy!

Gerber Principle 30-001657

The Gerber Principle is an amazing fixed knife for bushcraft and survival purposes. The scandi-grind blade is razor-sharp. Just like the spine of the blade to make sure you can easily create sparks with a firesteel. Gerber spent a lot of time on the sheath. And you can tell! You can comfortably carry it in many different ways and it is simply a top-quality product. The Principle is a promising knife. Without a doubt it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fixed knife that can do it all!

Gerber Principle Coyote Brown 30-001657

Gerber Armbar Cork and Gerber Armbar Driver

The Armbar Cork collection and Armbar Driver collection are new Gerber multi-tools. Slim, compact and multi-functional. At first glance all these collections look the same. Upon closer inspection, however, you can tell that there is a difference between the tools. The main difference is that the Armbar Cork edition is enhanced with a corkscrew, and the Armbar driver comes with a screwdriver. As such you can choose the multi-tool that will suit you best.

Gerber Armbar Cork Gold 30-001583
Gerber Armbar Driver Orange 30-001587

Gerber Fastball Cleaver

The Fastball is an EDC knife produced in the States and one of the most popular Gerber knives ever produced. Considering the cleaver-shaped blade hype Gerber also decided to enhance this model with the same shape. Gerber also used 20CV steel. An excellent premium type of steel that retains its sharpness well. The result is a tough knife that can handle its own.

Gerber Fastball Cleaver 30-001836
Gerber Fastball Cleaver 30-001837

Gerber Flatiron Micarta 30-001789

Anyone who has heard of Gerber has heard of the Flatiron. One of the most popular knives of 2019. For 2020 Gerber decided to upgrade the Flatiron. With micarta and D2 steel to be precise! Awesome!

Gerber Flatiron Micarta 30-001789

Gerber Asada

The Asada is also enhanced with the cleaver-shaped blade. Just like the Fastball Cleaver and the Flatiron. Compared to the Fastball the difference can be found in the price. The Asada is a lot cheaper and therefore a welcome addition to the world of budget knives. Compared to the Flatiron, which is similar, the knife is slightly smaller and enhanced with a flipper. Perfect for anyone who prefers a slightly smaller knife.

Gerber Asada Drab Red 30-001805
Gerber Asada Olive Micarta 30-001812

Gerber Sumo

Perhaps the most unique knife on this list is the Sumo. It is a large knife enhanced with a pivot-lock-mechanism. This locking mechanism looks a lot like an Axis-lock. The first thing you notice is the stunning handle. It is made from layered G10. There are two different versions of the Sumo. One with a black blade and red liners, and one with a grey blade and blue liners.

Gerber Sumo Black 30-001815
Gerber Sumo Grey 30-001813

Gerber Highbrow

The Highbrow is a larger version of the Highbrow Compact. Once again enhanced with the pivot-lock-mechanism. It also contains a special latch you can use to lock it when closed. As such you make sure that the knife doesn't accidentally open in your pocket. Clever! There will be no less than six different versions of the Highbrow. As such there is something for everyone!

Gerber Highbrow Onyx Serrated 30-001641
Gerber Highbrow Flat Sage 30-001642

Gerber Ayako

The Ayako was inspired by the Higonokami pocket knives from Japan. You can tell when you look at the slim design, the pattern on the handle and the tanto-shaped blade. Even the openings mechanism is similar to that of these Higonokami knives. With it you open the Ayako like a friction folder. A solid framelock locks the blade. All in all the Ayako is a cool, modern interpretation of these Japanese knives. And all that for an amazing price!

Gerber Ayako Green 30-001690
Gerber Ayako Grey 30-001689

Gerber Exo-Mod snap together sheath system

The Exo-mod collection is a new collection in Gerber's hunting range. These knives weigh next to nothing and are enhanced with a clever sheath system. Each sheath, as is shown in the video, is enhanced with solid press studs to make sure you can attach them to each other. As such you can carry multiple knives at once. The result is that you will never be bothered by the large amount of hunting knives you need while hunting.

Gerber Exo-Mod Caper 30-001798
Gerber Exo-Mod Saw 30-001802

We hope to have all new products in stock as soon as possible. In the meantime we will be posting multiple topics about our 2020 Shot Show experiences and the newest products. Stay tuned!

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