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New in our range: Kansept Knives

The knife industry in China is booming! Every year new brands enter the world of knives. Kansept, for instance, which opened its doors in 2020. We recently added Kansept to our range! But what type of knife brand is Kansept Knives?

Who is Kansept?

The brand was founded in 2020 by Kim Ning: former production manager and designer of Kizer Knives. Like many other Chinese knife brands Kansept Knives is located in the knife Mecca of China: Yangjiang. The brand has dozens of years of experience in the knife industry. They only work with the best and most talented craftsmen and have their own Research & Development department.

Innovative knives with a vision for the future.

The name 'Kansept' is derived from the word 'concept'. The basis of every knife. Kansept looks at the future. They follow the latest trends in the field of materials and pioneer the newest production methods. All to make sure they can produce the best of the best. Their motto is therefore, not surprisingly so: "We don't just make knives, We make knives better".

Kansept T collection and K collection

Kansept Knives mainly focuses on EDC knives: practical knives for daily use. Kansept makes a distinction between budget-friendly and premium pocket knives. Products with a K in the product number are a part of the K collection. These are the most premium Kansept knives enhanced with top-quality materials such as damascus steel, CPM S35VN steel, titanium and even Timascus: a type of damascus steel made from titanium.

Products with a T in the product number are a part of the T collection. These products are made from decent materials such as G10, micarta, D2 steel and 154CM steel. These knives are cheaper than the knives from the K-collection but definitely not any less functional!

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