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Kai Shun bread knife: for bread and more!

Kai Shun bread knives are knives that allow you to cut all types of bread. From hard to soft crust, from baguette to freshly baked bread, a bread knife can do it all. And more! Even hard vegetables like pumpkin can be effortlessly cut with a bread knife from Kai thanks to its multi-purpose serrated blade. So do you find yourself grabbing a bread knife for more than just bread? Buy Kai's stylish bread knife!

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Features of KAI Shun bread knives

The blade of a bread knife

Kai Shun's bread knife has a unique two-way serration. This makes the knife suitable for both left-handed people and right-handed people. This is because you can cut on the pushing motion and the pulling motion. In addition, the serrations in the blade ensure that the bread is not crushed during slicing, as the pressure is distributed. The serrations get caught in the hard crust, because the pressure of the blade focuses on the tips of the serrations.

The blade length of a bread knife

Most bread knives have a blade length between 20 and 30 cm. This length gives more consistent results. In addition, it enables you to easily cut longer breads, such as baguettes.

Sharpening your Kai Shun bread knife

Could your bread knife use a sharper edge? We'll explain how you can get it!