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Xin Cutlery kitchen knives: innovation at its finest

Xin Cutlery produces modern, innovative top-quality kitchen knives. Made from premium materials and produced with the help of modern production methods. The Chinese Xin Cutlery is constantly innovating. They have their own interpretation of what a modern kitchen knife needs to look like. The Xin Cutlery kitchen knives are characterized by their sleek geometric shapes. These unique designs are the result of an experienced design team and collaborations with famous knife designers such as Grzegorz Grabarski and Ostap Hel. All this knowledge ensures that these knives are not only amazing to look at, they are also amazing to use and razor-sharp.

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Xin Cutlery kitchen knives: modern and top-quality materials

Xin Cutlery understands that merely a good design won't suffice. The materials should also be of the utmost quality. In terms of steel they only use top-quality, stainless steel or damascus steel with graceful and complicated patterns. For the handles Xin Cutlery also only uses premium materials such as G10, carbon fibre or remarkable types of wood.

Unique kitchen knives

Xin Cutlery is famous for their high-quality knives with remarkable designs. Are you looking for unique kitchen knives? Xin Cutlery is the perfect choice for you!

Xin Cutlery series

Xin Cutlery XinCare

The Xin Cutlery XinCare series is a collection of knives that might look like your regular, run-of-the-mill Japanese kitchen knives. But have a closer look at the handle, and you'll soon discover these knives have a twisted design. Truly remarkable!

Xin Cutlery XinCraft

The Xin Cutlery XinCraft series consists of special kitchen knives. These knives feature special designs the likes of which you won't soon find in another brand's range. Unique blades, extraordinary handles.

Xin Cutlery product types

Xin Cutlery chef's knives

One of the most important knives in Xin Cutlery's range is their chef's knife. A chef's knife is the staple of anyone's kitchen equipment. This versatile knife can be used for a large variety of cutting tasks.

Xin Cutlery: produced by Bestech

Xin Cutlery has their knives produced by Bestech. They have over 10 years of experience in the knife world. Not only with their own brand of pocket knives, but also as a manufacturer for famous brands and designers. Thanks to this, Bestech expanded their knowledge which is now used to produce their own brand of kitchen knives: Xin Cutlery. We included Xin Cutlery knives to our range in 2022.

Frequently asked questions about Xin Cutlery