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Fiskars splitting axes: using innovation to split wood efficiently

The splitting axes from Fiskars were developed and perfected by generations of craftsmen to allow you to split wood almost effortlessly. With a great balance between the head and the almost unbreakable FiberComp handle, you are assured of a durable axe with a powerful stroke. The lightweight handle, which absorbs some of the shock, makes it more comfortable to work for longer periods of time. The axe heads are made of double-hardened steel and are finished with an anti-friction coating, making splitting wood even smoother.

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Features of Fiskars splitting axes

Designed to take your wood splitting to the next level. Fiskars splitting axes offer a combination of innovative techniques and high-quality material for accurate strikes on every swing. With their FiberComp handles and wedge-shaped axe heads, these axes are the epitome of power and durability. You'll recognize most Fiskars axes by their distinctive black-and-orange colours. Do you prefer the authentic looks of an axe with a wooden handle? No problem, there's always the Fiskars N12 splitting axe. With their lightweight handles these axes are perfectly balanced. This results in faster blows that require less effort from you. The 3D-shaped handle absorbs the shocks, allowing you to comfortably split wood for longer periods of time. Moreover, every axe comes with a plastic sheath to safely store and move the axe.

Fiskars X splitting axes are available in five different sizes, from S to XXL, with the X11 being the smallest and the X27 being the largest. With a no-slip SoftGrip material on the handle, these axes offer a firm grip even in wet conditions, allowing you to split wood with confidence and control, no matter the size of the blocks of wood. Choose the size that best suits your needs, and experience the ease and efficiency of working with a Fiskars splitting axe.

Which Fiskars X axe do I need?

It largely depends on the size of the wood you're working with. The Fiskars X11, for example is suitable for wood up to 20 cm in diameter. Fiskars X17 and the X21 are both suitable for wood of approx. 20 cm to 30 cm. Some might prefer the more compact size of the X17, others might appreciate the added weight of the X21; up to you. The Fiskars X25 is suitable for logs up to 30 cm, and the Fiskars X27 is for 30 cm and up! These are just guidelines, depending on the type of wood and your experience, you can also split larger or smaller logs of wood.