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The new and improved Fiskars X series: the 5th generation of Fiskars axes

Fiskars upgraded the X series! It's already the 5th generation of this very popular axe series. There are many new features that make the X series axes even better, safer, more durable and more manageable. But which features? Knivesandtools explains!

New Fiskars X: general updates

While the Fiskars X axes retain their robust FiberComp handle, the construction has been upgraded to improve lifespan. Improvements have also been made to the axe heads. Some have a higher and thinner edge, giving more efficient results. Other axes have actually been made thicker so that you can split large pieces of wood with more ease. Another notable improvement is the longer SoftGrip™. This is the orange part of the handle that absorbs the shock of impact. This provides significantly more comfort during use. These modifications make the Fiskars X axes more durable and more efficient. There is always a perfect Fiskars X axe for your intended purposes.

The new Fiskars hand axe

The smallest axe in the series has received a significant upgrade. As the name suggests, the Fiskars X13 Ultra-light Hiking Axe is a small, lightweight axe that is easy to carry. It is the successor to the Fiskars X5 hand axe. The longer handle improves ease of use and comfort, while the weight has only increased minimally thanks to the axe head, which is 15% lighter than its predecessor! The hole in the axe head is a unique feature. This hole serves several purposes: use it to hang the axe from a nail or to open a bottle. Additionally, the hole in the axe head is also an important part of a safety feature. The sheath clicks into the hole. When the sheath is on the axe head, you can use the back of the axe hammer a tent peg into the ground, without leaving the axe's sharp edge exposed. Safe and practical!

Fiskars X series X13 Hiking
Fiskars X series safety feature

The new Fiskars universal axes

With the Fiskars X14 and X18 axes, you'll immediately notice the curved handle. This curvature provides an improved wrist position and more comfort while using the axe. In addition, the axe head has a new design with a thinner shape and a longer sharpened edge. These modifications result in significantly improved performance and user comfort. These trekking axes are ideally suited for kindling and handling branches up to about 10 cm in diameter.

The Fiskars X24 axe/felling axe also falls into this category, even though this axe has a slightly larger axe head than the trekking axes. However, the axe head does have the same design, with its higher and thinner edge than the old X series universal axes. In addition, the handle of this axe is straight. That makes this axe great as a universal axe and as a felling axe when handling logs up to about 30 cm. It's also great for bushcrafting purposes, as long as weight is not a big issue.

Fiskars X series universal axes
Fiskars X series Universal Axe X18

The new Fiskars X splitting axes

And last, but certainly not least, there are the splitting axes! The Fiskars X18, X24, X28, X32 and X36 splitting axes have all-new axe heads that are wider and higher than their predecessors. The wider wedge shape splits wood even more efficiently and also makes it easier to remove the axe from the wood. As previously mentioned, the axe handles have a reinforced construction and a longer SoftGrip™. With the hard knocks that splitting axes have to endure, this is a great improvement!

Fiskars X series splitting axes

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