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Böker Cottage-Craft kitchen knives: made by hand for an amazing price

The Böker Cottage-Craft collection of kitchen knives is impressive. All knives were made by hand and are very affordable. Böker carefully chose the materials for these kitchen knives. What's especially remarkable is the use of the carbon steel C75. Not stainless, but like how they used to make it. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen due to the extra hardness, which is a big advantage! Carbon steel also forms a blue-grey patina in time. It looks amazing in combination with the stunning plum wood handle that was attached to the full-tang blade with brass rivets.

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Features of Böker Cottage-Craft

Since the 14th century, so-called 'Kotten farms' have defined the history of Solingen, Germany's knife capital. The large sharpening stones were driven by water power and the world-famous knives were sharpened by hand. The Böker Cottage Craft collection of kitchen knives impressively continues the heritage of this traditional craftsmanship. Böker used remarkable materials for these kitchen knives. The blades are handmade and available at an affordable price.

Blade made from C75 carbon steel

The Cottage-Craft knives are made from C75 carbon steel. Although this type of steel is not stainless, it does have the advantage of being easy to sharpen. Carbon steel forms a unique blue-grey patina. The steel discolours under the influence of, for example, fruit acids and moisture.

Handle made from stunning plum wood

The handles of Cottage-Craft kitchen knives are made from a beautiful plum wood. This is a type of wood we see more often on classic knives from Solingen. The edges of the handles are nicely rounded, and the fine texture of the wood looks great. The handle scales are attached to the full-tang of the blade by classic brass rivets.