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Spartan Blades 2020: news from the United States with Pineland Cutlery

2020 promises to be an exciting year for Spartan Blades. We will namely see the first results of their cooperation with KA-BAR Knives carrying the name of Pineland Cutlery. A completely new direction, without losing the familiar Spartan quality.

Pineland Cutlery: a cooperation between Spartan Blades and KA-BAR Knives

Spartan Blades has been producing amazing knives ever since 2008. Many high-end finishes and a lot of manual labour. As such the Spartan knives are not always accessible to all. It is why Spartan decided to cooperate with KA-BAR Knives. Everyone has heard of this brand thanks to the iconic USMC knives which already left a mark during the Second World War.

KA-BAR also produces knives in the United States, but according to a slightly more automated process. By combining the Spartan Blades designs with KA-BAR's production capacity you are left with a new collection of cool knives that are available for amazing prices.

Revision of the collections

This also means that Spartan Blades is going to add new collections to their already existing range.

Gold Class - Elite

The knives you have grown accustomed to from Spartan Blades. American production knives with a top-quality finish and made from the best materials.

Silver Class - Professional Grade

These knives are produced in the United States by KA-BAR Knives. The materials used are chosen based on the needs of the professional user.

Bronze Class - Field Grade

This collection is comprised of knives that are produced overseas. Think of producers in Italy, Germany and Taiwan. Entry-level knives for everyone who is getting to know Pineland Cutlery for the first time.

Spartan Blades Alala
Spartan Blades Damysus

New Spartan Blades knives for 2020

In 2020 there are immediately three new releases in the Silver Class - Professional Grade. The knives released are called the Spartan Alala, Spartan Damysus and Spartan Machai. Three decent fixed knives made from 1095 Cro Van carbon steel and a handle made from canvas micarta. You can clearly see that Spartan Blades designer Curtis Iovito left his mark on these knives. KA-BAR can be recognized by  the type of steel used and the finish. The sheaths are made from plastic instead of kydex, but still have the appreciated Spartan carrying options. With prices between 169 and 219 euros these knives are not that cheap, but also not as expensive as the knives from the Gold Class.

Spartan Blades Machai

Spartan Harsey Folder 2020

As we have grown accustomed to from Spartan Blades we can also expect four new year editions of the Spartan Harsey Folder. The iconic and award-winning Harsey design is enhanced with a special finish and engraving that is only available in 2020.

Spartan Harsey Folder St. Michael

This St. Michael edition shows us Archangel Michael. Patron saint of the infantry and airborne troops. Iovito and Carey, founders of Spartan Blades, served as paratroopers. At the time they, and many of their colleagues, often carried medals adorned with the image of St. Michael. This edition of the SHF is a tribute to St. Michael as a spiritual warrior who is ready to fight evil.

Spartan Harsey Folder Gilded Skulls

This edition is adorned with a rich pattern of gold-coloured skulls. Like it is an item from the collection of a high-end fashion brand, this high-end pocket knife is enhanced with a black PVD coating and gold-coloured heat anodising. With a laser engraving machine the pattern is immortalized on the scales. No tactical references, simply an appealing pattern that looks great. As Carey and Iovito already said in their old Special Forces team: It's not whether you live or die, but how good you look when you die!

Spartan Harsey Folder Northwest Coast

The Spartan Harsey Folder Northwest Coast is enhanced with patterns that are inspired by Native American art. Iovito and Carey spent a lot of time at the 1st Special Forces in Washington State. The area where this art is from. The knife contains pictures of three animals. A frog, which, because it lives on both water and land, stands for adaptability, knowledge and the strength to live between two worlds. Next to it you can find a Kingfisher. This animal is seen as the bringer of good news and luck. It is a gifted hunter and in some tribes it stands for fertility. Finally you can spot a dragonfly. The dragonfly stands for happiness, speed and purity. In addition, it symbolizes the always present changes in life.

Spartan Harsey Folder Runes and Staves

Spartan became inspired by the Nordic myths for this edition. The Runes and Staves edition is enhanced with runes and Icelandic 'staves' that bring the wearer additional health, strength and navigational skills. Can't hurt to have any of that! The knife is, among other things, adorned with a runic compass, runes for luck, health and healing, and a stave for invincibility in battle.

Spartan Blades and Pinewood Cutlery in 2020

All in all an impressive new line-up for Spartan Blades. 2020 promises to be a good year. We are eager to learn more about all other new releases that Pinewood Cutlery has in store.

All new releases are ordered. As soon as they arrive you will find them at Spartan Blades.