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New: NiteCore TUP rechargeable keychain flashlight

Meet one of the most powerful rechargeable keychain flashlights: the NiteCore TUP. This lights can supply you with a whopping 1000 lumens with a reach of 180 meters. And that in a light of only 7 centimetres long which weighs 53 grams including the built-in battery! These features can often only be found in flashlights that are much bigger. So are you looking for a flashlight that will always fit inside your (coat)pocket but is still enhanced with the features of a bigger flashlight? If so the NiteCore TUP is exactly what you are looking for.

An amazing addition to this light is the OLED display that gives you real-time information about the chosen mode, the battery level and much more. The light has been enhanced with two switches. With one you can turn the light on and off. With the other you select the right mode. The light has a demo-mode for EDC use and a daily-mode for outdoor and long-term use. The end of the body has an eye to make sure you can easily attach this light to a keychain. The key ring is included. In addition, the light is enhanced with a pocket clip you can use to attach the light to your clothing or backpack.

The integrated battery is a 1200 Li-Ion-cell with a burn time of up to 70 hours. Because of the intelligent charging circuit the battery is protected from over- and undercharging. In addition, when the battery is fully charged the system will automatically stop charging. You can charge the light via the micro-USB port. The cable is not included. Fortunately, odds are you already have this type of cable at home as it is a cable which is also used for many cell phones. The USB-port is sealed off with a rubber cover and therefore protected from dust and water.

The NiteCore TUP 1000 lumens is now available on our website!