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Expert reviews: Fenix lights

Because of the massive selection of flashlights we understand that it could be difficult to make the right choice. We will help you do just that. That is why we gave a few of our Fenix lights to experts. After all, reading about their experiences always helps! They are always objective and never shy away from telling you just how they feel. As such you can be sure to purchase the right flashlight, head torch, camping light and/or bicycle light.

"Because a lot of output is often at the expense of the beam distance, Fenix came up with the best possible solution! Now you can choose: a massive amount of light up close, or a concentrated beam that will reach hundreds of meters. But you can also combine beams which is what makes this light canon so unique!"

- Koen van der Jagt

Fenix head torches

Fenix HP25R tested by Padraig Croke

"This head torch is a versatile piece of kit. Before owning it I never put too much thought into my torch option. If it’s comfortable on my head, and bright enough to see what’s in front of me, it’s good enough. It wasn’t until I switched to the Fenix that I realized what I was missing out on."

- Padraig Croke

Fenix camping lights

Fenix CL26R put to the test by Koen van der Jagt

"This light proves that a camping light does not need to be massive or heavy, a surprising amount of light comes from the small CL26R! In addition, it is indestructible and has many options."

- Koen van der Jagt

Fenix bicycle lights

Fenix BC25R put to the test by Koen van der Jagt

"(Dis)mounting is also a piece of cake. (...) Other than that it is a great choice for everyday use: The BC25R will offer you enough light and you can even use it as a flashlight."

- Koen van der Jagt