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New: Fiskars Norden hand and splitting axes

You might have grown accustomed to Fiskars' black-orange axes. This time, however, they decided to 'spice' things up and try something different. With the Norden collection Fiskars demonstrates how modern and traditional can easily be combined with the Fiskars Norden N7 hand axe, Fiskars Norden N10 hand axe and Fiskars Norden N12 splitting axe.

Three new Fiskars Norden axes

The Fiskars Norden N7 is a small and universal axe that is great for pruning, felling and making kindle. The Fiskars Norden N10 is a little bigger: a hand axe that is suited for one-handed use and chopping (fire)wood. The last axe and also the largest one in the Norden collection is the Norden N12. This splitting axe is great when splitting small logs with a diameter of up to 20 cm.

Characteristics of the Fiskars Norden collection

You immediately notice the natural look of the axes. The Norden collection is characterized by the traditional and stylish appearance. The handle is made from stunning hickory wood. When you take hold of the axe you immediately notice that you are holding a decent and authentic product. The handle is practically indestructible thanks to the FiberComp™ construction. This innovative construction reduces vibrations if you miss.

You can safely use the axe head thanks to the clever handle connection. The carbon steel blade is enhanced with an anti-friction coating. The Norden axes combine sustainability with a perfect division of weight, advanced blade geometry and a very sharp cutting edge for maximum performance.

The Norden collection is inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of the production of axes. The axes are made in Finland and each axe is individually checked for quality. As such you will always end up with a top-quality product. In addition to the fact that it is a very decent product, the axe also looks very appealing. The Fiskars Norden comes with a protective cover.

Fiskars Norden: individual axe or set

In addition to this collection of three axes, you can also choose whether you want an individual axe or set. The set is namely comprised of the axe and a sharpener. With the included sharpener you can keep the Norden axe in great condition. The sharpener is enhanced with precise cutting grooves in the hard ceramic sharpening stone to make sure your knives will be razor-sharp once again.

Got any more axes or knives at home? This knife sharpener is universal and can therefore also be used to sharpen other tools. The sharpener is easy to use by both left and right-handed users. A must-have for in your toolbox.

Fiskars Norden collection: Ret Dot Award

The Fiskars Norden collection was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2019. This award is an international design-award that is handed out every year since 1955.