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New: Fenix HL18R and HM23 head torches

Fenix introduces two brand-new head torches: the HL18R and HM23. Powerful, water and shockproof head torches that were both designed for outdoor activities. With which torch will you embark upon new adventures?

Fenix HL18R rechargeable head torch

The Fenix HL18R head torch has a wide and focused light beam and is ideal for camping, hiking and night fishing purposes. This head torch has a maximum light output of 400 lumens and a battery life of 150 hours. The HL18R works with the included USB-rechargeable 1300mAg Li-Polymer battery or with three AAA-Ni/MH/alkaline batteries. It makes this head torch perfect for multi-day adventures.

On top of the light you have two switches which you can use to select the desired light beam. You can select the right amount of light for each outdoor activity: four light modes in the focused mode and two light modes in the wide beam. The focused mode is practical when you want to highlight a specific object or place. With a wide beam you spread the light over a larger surface and are left with a less intense light beam.

The HL18R stays in place thanks to the included headband with anti-slip function. If you end up in the water with the torch that wouldn't be a problem at all: the light is water and dustproof according to the IP66-norm. Because of its low weight (only 80 grams including the headband and battery) this will be the perfect light for your outdoor adventures.

Light modes of the Fenix HL18R head torch


  • Turbo: 400 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 8.5 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 9 hours)
  • High: 130 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 12.5 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 14 hours)
  • Medium: 70 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 17.5 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 22 hours)
  • Low: 30 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 48 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 48 hours)

Flood light

  • High: 30 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 54 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 56 hours)
  • Low: 4 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 145 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 150 hours)
  • High: 30 lumens (1 Li-Polymer battery: 72 hours. Three AAA-batteries: 80 hours)

The Fenix HL18R comes with a reflective headband with non-slip function, Li-Polymer 1300mAh battery, manual, warranty card and USB-charging cable.

Fenix HM23 head torch

The Fenix HM23 head torch is a compact head torch that is perfect for running and camping. The light weighs only 58 grams and is designed in a silicone holder which makes the light feel very comfortable. The completely metal casing is made from top-quality aluminium which is almost indestructible. You can easily turn the light on and off with the press switch that is located on the side of the head torch. The HM23 works with one AA battery.

The Fenix HM23 head torch gives you soft and neutral white light. The maximum light output is 240 lumens and the light will function up to 100 hours. The light is 180 degrees adjustable. If you get caught in a rain shower while running that's no problem at all. The light is namely waterproof according to the IP-68 norm.

Light modes on the Fenix HM23 head torch

  • High (240 lumens, 7.5 hours)
  • Medium (70 lumens, 16 hours)
  • Low (4 lumen, 100 hours