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Carryosity #8 James Brand Only Edition: Top 5 James Brand Summer Essentials

Everybody owns an every day carry: an EDC. These are all the tools you carry with you on a daily basis. An EDC says something about who you are as a person, and how prepared you are on a daily basis. It is also great to match all your EDC items. It is quite tricky to assemble an EDC. In Carryosity we select the perfect EDC for you based on the most popular themes and brands.

Laughter, the sound of beer bottles being opened, the smell of the barbecue and the campfire. Summer is almost over but that doesn't spoil the fun! With the right gear and company, a successful evening is guaranteed. Something they understand all too well at The James Brand! In this Carryosity #8 we have listed the top 5 James Brand products for a great summer evening for you!

1. The James Brand The Pike Rosewood KPIKEKN110142-00

Going to a party in style? Then the The Pike Rosewood is a neat choice! This knife is a modern take on the classic grandfather knife: the slipjoint. The Pike features beautiful wooden scales that give the knife a warm look.

2. The James Brand The Mehlville Brass KMEH201934

With the Mehlville you always have a stylish bottle opener at hand. Clip it to your pants or jacket so you don't lose it when the drinks are flowing. This carabiner is a life-saver!

3. The James Brand The Carter Black Micarta KN108143-00

A functional pocket knife is also not to be missed for all unexpected chores. Cut a point on a stick to poke marshmellows on. Use it to cut open a bag of coals for the barbeque. That way the evening always goes smoothly and your only worry is that no one is without a cold drink.

4. The James Brand The Hells Canyon KHC113114

Slicing a tender piece of steak, just off the barbeque. Slices of lime for in the drinks. In a kitchen or at a skate park. With The Hells Canyon, you can master any cooking scenario and make sure the serving board is always well stocked.

5. The James Brand The Stilwell Brass KST302935

With the Stilwell it's always game time! Write down the score of the game you are playing or tick off the list of items you need. The compact size means you'll always have room in your pocket for the Stilwell. Even in the coin pocket of your pants, this pen will fit without a problem.