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New in our range: new knives by WE Knife Co.

On February 12th of 2024, WE Knife Co. introduced multiple new designs across their brands, including WE Knife, Civivi, and SENCUT. That same day, we added these knives to our range. The new models are the WE Knife Rekker and Equivik, the Civivi Button Lock Praxis, the Chevalier and Propugnator, and the Sencut ArcBlast.

WE Knife


The WE Knife RekkeR is a cool pocket knife designed by Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics. You might recognize his design style from his collaborations with Hogue Knives or TOPS Knives. The RekkeR marks Kyle Lamb's first collaboration with WE Knife.


The WE Knife Equivik is a stylish pocket knife, designed by the experts at WE Knife. With the Equivik, WE Knife once again shows off their craftsmanship, and it does not go unnoticed! In 2023, the Equivik won the 'Factory Best in Show' and 'Best Factory Imported' awards at the Blade Show West, a major knife show in the United States.


Button Lock Praxis

The Civivi Button Lock Praxis is the button-lock version of the Civivi Praxis. The Praxis is quite hefty, and thanks to the addition of the button lock this knife is even more suitable for heavier use than the original version.

Chevalier II

The Civivi Chevalier II is a slim, compact EDC pocket knife with a sheepsfoot blade. This blade shape is fantastic for opening packages and peeling fruit.


The Civivi Propugnator is a medium-sized survival knife that is comfortable to hold. The reversed tanto blade has a complicated grind, giving the knife its tough look.



The SENCUT ArcBlast is a nice and compact pocket knife. Perfect for everyday use! The round shapes and amazing movements ensure that everyone will appreciate this knife.

And that's it! Those were the products from February's launch. Want to see more from WE Knife, Civivi or SENCUT? Click the links!