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Spyderco Reveal Volume 6, our favourites

Spyderco Reveal Volume 6! In this online reveal Spyderco introduces the newest knives for the coming year. Not a lot of new designs this time, but a couple of old acquaintances, enhanced with new types of steel and colours. Take the Sage 1, for instance, with Maxamet steel and grey G10 and the Tenacious Lightweight with CPM S35VN steel and a blue FRN handle. Curious to find out which are our favourites? Continue reading!

Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight CPM S35VN steel C122PBL

A big surprise is the new Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight with CPM S35VN steel and a blue FRN handle. For years the Tenacious has been a part of Spyderco's famous budget collection, and now it is also a part of the Lightweight collection. By using CPM S35VN steel Spyderco also caters to any enthusiast who appreciates a premium type of steel within these two collections.

Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight CPM S35VN C122PBL

Spyderco Sage 1 Cool Gray G10 Maxamet steel C123GPGY

The Sage collection has been one of the most popular Spyderco collections for years. Within this collection Spyderco enhances the classic Sage design with a wide range of locking mechanisms. This year Spyderco enhanced the Sage 1, the first model, with a liner lock, just like its predecessor, but used completely different materials. Namely: MicroMelt Maxamet steel and a grey G10 handle. Maxamet is a wear and tear resistant type of steel, made by Carpenter in the United States.

Spyderco Sage 1 Cool Gray G10 Maxamet C123GPGY

Spyderco Pattadese C257GP

The new Spyderco Pattadese is a smaller version of the Spyderco Pattada. A modern interpretation of the classic Resolza design from Sardinia, Italy. And a part of Spyderco's Ethnic collection. In this collection Spyderco uses classic designs from all over the world and updates their design. The Pattadese is perfect for anyone who felt the Pattada was a little too big. Because of its smaller size the Spyderco Pattadese is more suited for daily tasks.

Spyderco Pattadese C257GP

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 Green LC200N steel C91FGR2

Spyderco upgraded the Pacific Salt collection in 2020. The Pacific Salt 2 is an improved version of the old Pacific Salt. The handle might look familiar. It is almost identical to that of the popular Endura and therefore a lot less angular than its predecessor. Spyderco enhanced all steel parts that can rust with a black coating. This new, green version of the Pacific Salt 2 is enhanced with a LC200N steel blade. By using this type of steel Spyderco has made the wish of many fans come true!

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 Green LC200N C91FGR2

Spyderco Endela K390 steel C243FK390 and Spyderco Police 4 K390 steel C07F4K390

In Reveal Volume 5 we already got a taste of it. This year Spyderco enhances the most popular models from the Lightweight collection with premium Böhler K390 steel. This is a tool steel that contains a lot of carbon and vanadium. As such K390 is wear and tear resistant and retains its sharpness well. These knives can be recognized by their dark blue handle. Real Steel Volume 6 confirms that the Endela and the Police 4 Lightweight will also receive this update!

Spyderco Endela K390 C243FK390
Spyderco Police 4 K390 C07F4K390

Honourable mentions

These were our favourites! Of course these are not all knives from the reveal. It is safe to say that each new Spyderco knife is one of our favourites. That is why we made a list of all honourable mentions we are big fans of.

We hope to quickly add all these knives from the Spyderco Reveal Volume 6 to our range!

In the meantime, why not check out all Spyderco knives here.