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Spyderco Reveal Volume 5, our favourites

Suddenly it was here: the Spyderco Reveal Volume 5! In this online reveal Spyderco introduces the newest knives for the coming year. Once again Spyderco did not disappoint. We see the popular and long-awaited Spyderco Swayback. But also completely new knives like the Spyderco Pochi and the SpyOpera. Curious to find out which are our favourites? Continue reading!.

Spyderco SwayBack C249TI Marcin Slysz design

Our first favourite is the breathtakingly beautiful Spyderco SwayBack. A knife many Spyderco fans have been waiting for, for years. To the disappointment of many fans the knife was never announced. It is therefore really surprising to see that the SwayBack was introduced at the 2020 Shot Show. This really says it all: In 2020 the Swayback will be available to all. The SwayBack is a traditional swayback-style knife with a modern look and feel. Designed by the famous Marcin Slysz, who also designed the Slysz Bowie, Spydiechef and Techno 1 and 2. With the introduction of the SwayBack Spyderco has made the wishes of many Spyderco fans come true.

Spyderco SwayBack C249TI Marcin Slysz design

SpydercoSpyOpera C255CM Max design

For years Spyderco has had a great relationship with one of the most famous knife brands in Europe: LionSteel. A brand based in Maniago, Italy. This is not the first time these two giants joined forces. Think, for instance, of the successful Spyderco Lionspy collection. The SpyOpera is a real surprise! This knife was designed by Max. An Italian designer who also designed the famous Lionsteel Opera. Hence the name of the knife. The SpyOpera looks like a very premium knife. And it is! The blade is made from Böhler M390 steel and the handle is enhanced with fancy micarta scales.

Spyderco SpyOpera C255CM Max design

Spyderco Lightweight K390 steel knives

Spyderco is known for its expertise when it comes to exotic, premium types of steel. It is very common for Spyderco to update an 'old model'. This year Spyderco enhanced the most popular model from the Lightweight collection with premium Böhler K390 steel. This is a tool steel that contains a lot of carbon and vanadium. As such K390 is wear and tear resistant and retains its sharpness well. These knives can be recognized by their dark blue handle.

Spyderco Pochi C256TI Kazuyuki Sakurai design

The Spyderco Pochi is the most unique knife from this collection. The Pochi (a Japanese dog name) was designed by Kazuyuki Sakurai, a Japanese knife maker and designer. You can immediately tell: the Spyderco Pochi is shaped like a dog. Something you rarely come across in the knife world. The tail of the Pochi (or is it a backspacer?) is foldable. By unfolding the tail you extend the handle. As such you are left with a lot of handle for such a small knife. In short: a very playful design!

Spyderco Pochi C256TI Kazuyuki Sakurai design

Spyderco Shaman Z-WEAR PM Micarta C229MZW Sprint Run

The Shaman, a relatively new knife for Spyderco, but already one of the favourites. After the success of the previous Sprint Runs it is not surprising to see another Sprint Run of the Shaman. This time Spyderco used a brown micarta handle and a blade made from Z-WEAR PM steel. A type of steel that contains a lot of vanadium, tungsten and molybdenum. The result? A rock-solid type of steel that can handle its own!

Honourable mentions

These were our favourites! Of course these are not all knives from the reveal. It is safe to say that each new Spyderco knife is one of our favourites. That is why we made a list of all honourable mentions we are big fans of. 

  • Spyderco YoJumbo C253G
  • Spyderco Canis C248CF
  • Spyderco Lil’ Native C230CF90V en Native Chief C244CF90V S90V Sprint Run
  • Spyderco Mule Team 28 CPM SPY27 MT28
  • Spyderco Native 5 CPM SPY27 C41CBL5
  • Spyderco Rockjumper C254BK

We hope to quickly add all these knives from the Spyderco Reveal Volume 5 to our range! 

In the meantime, why not check out all Spyderco knives!