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Morakniv Eldris vs Eldris LightDuty

The most popular, small Morakniv knife is the Eldris. Compact, light-weight, affordable and versatile. But in addition to the regular Eldris there is also the Eldris LightDuty. They look alike, but what are the differences between the two?

Similarities between the Morakniv Eldris and the Eldris LightDuty

Before we discuss the differences, we will also look at all the similarities. The type of steel, the handle and sheath, for instance, are the same. The blade length and the blade thickness are also the same. So, secretly, 'LightDuty' has little to do with what the knife can handle.

Differences between the Morakniv Eldris and the Eldris LightDuty

After all the similarities you might wonder what the differences are. There are three differences between these two versions of the Morakniv Eldris.

Finish of the blade

While the normal Eldris is enhanced with a satin finish, Morakniv polished the Eldris LightDuty. Theoretically you could say that as such it is a little more corrosion resistant. In reality, however, you won't really notice this.


Morakniv is known for its scandi edges. The normal Edris has the same type of edge, but enhanced with a thinner tip. A type of compound grind. The Eldris LightDuty is not enhanced with this compound grind: the blade has a scandi edge.

Sharp spine

The spine of the normal Eldris is razor-sharp. Perfect when scraping tinder or using a firesteel. The spine of the LightDuty is not as sharp. You can compare it to the spine of the Companion models. Just not fine enough for use with a firesteel.


The differences are minimal, but they are there. Is one of the two really better? Not really. You can say that the normal Eldris is a little more versatile. But it is not a major difference. Do you want to use it to build a fire? Use the normal Eldris. Are you not specifically looking for a knife to build a fire? If so you might as well go with the LightDuty because of the difference in price. Here you will find all Morakniv Eldris knives.