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Amefa cutlery - More information

Amefa cutlery is there for every day and the special moments. With an eye for details and in line with the latest trends. Discover a wide range of cutlery that will help you create the right atmosphere no matter the occasion.

About Amefa

In 1931 Eugen Hollaender started his own company which produced and sold razor blades: the 'Apeldoornse Knife Factory'. In the 1940s, competition was fierce. Brands such as Gillette and Philips created such competition that Eugen Hollaender decided to focus on a different kind of knife: table knives and cutlery. He was so successful that by the late 1940s the production of the razor blades completely stopped. In the 1970s, Eugen's sons took over the business. Amefa grew to become an international producer and distributor of cutlery and kitchen knives. Today Amefa is one of Europe's largest suppliers of cutlery and other kitchen products.

Top-quality cutlery

There is a lot involved before the top-quality Amefa cutlery ends up on your table. During the production process they only use the best materials, and a lot of time is spent on each detail. Amefa uses three different types of steel. 18/0 steel and 18/10 steel for most of the cutlery and 13/0 steel for the table knives. Want to know what your cutlery is made of? Check it with a magnet! Cutlery that is made from 18/0 and 13/10 steel is magnetic and 18/10 is not because of the addition of 10% nickel. Because of these types of steel the cutlery is corrosion resistant and most of it is dishwasher proof.

Amefa Ventura
Amefa Cuba

Amefa knows like no other that the weight of each piece of cutlery is key and that it needs to be properly balanced. That is when the cutlery will feel great in hand. In addition to the top-quality material and the optimal division of weight, the cutlery also looks stylish and is enhanced with a proper finish. There is cutlery with a beautiful high-gloss finish, but also cutlery with a PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition) in, for instance, black or gold. Choose from complete cutlery sets, small sets with spoons or forks and cutlery specifically for children. Amefa has cutlery with a design for every interior and every occasion. From large dinner parties with family to preparing a simple sandwich: with Amefa cutlery, eating will be a real experience.