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Zwilling J.A. Henckels knives series

Zwilling knives complete the cutting experience. The brand is sold worldwide and has been around since 1731. Zwilling attaches a lot of value to the blade of her knives, even so much that they do their own steel production. Because of the different knives series, both the home cook and top chef can expand their kitchen range with a Zwilling knife. You can read below what every knives series entails.

Zwilling Four Star

Revolution in the world of chef’s knives

Thanks to the seamless plastic handle of the Zwilling Four Star knives, they are known as revolutionary in the world of high-quality chef’s knives. Four Star belongs to the most popular knives series in the world.

Razor-sharp cutting

The cuts of the Zwilling Four Star kitchen knives are laser-controlled, making sure each knife leaves the factory in a razor-sharp condition. The ergonomics are optimal, partly thanks to the seamless transition between the bolster and the handle.

Something for everyone

The Zwilling Four Star is one of the most extensive and most popular knives series in the world. There’s always a knife suitable for you!

Zwilling Four Star II

Very good, only better!

The Zwilling Four Star II series combines the features of the original Four Star series with some subtle improvements, still respecting the aspects of the Four Star series that users have loved for decades.

Stylish handles, optimal comfort

The ergonomic grip is made out of high-quality plastic. New in the Four Star II series is the metal cap on the end of the handle. This cap has a laser-engraved Zwilling logo.

Easy-to-use blade

The use of ice-hardened Friodur-steel guarantees an optimal balance between hardness, sharpness and corrosion resistance. The blades are cut razor sharp with laser precision.

Miyabi by Zwilling

Beautiful design, stylish and unique

Zwilling surpasses herself with the Miyabi series. The knives are unique in their design and absolutely perfect in its functionality.

A true masterpiece

When talking about cutting properties, we are talking about the Zwilling Miyabi knives. An absolute masterpiece when it comes to cutting!

Different knives available, each with their own exceptional design

The Miyabi-series is available in different variations. The most visible difference is in the handle material. So whatever your preference may be, you'll find your perfect knife within this series.

Zwilling Diplôme

The Zwilling Diplôme series is designed by and for chefs

The kitchen knives by Zwilling Diplôme are developed in cooperation with the world famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. This results in first-class kitchen knives, made in the Miyabi-factory in Seki, Japan.

Blade of hard, stainless steel

The blade is made of FC61-steel. Japanese steel that retains its sharpness exceptionally well. Also note the special contours of the Honbazuke-cut.

Durable handle with a blue edge

The full-tang and the three rivets give the handle a timeless look. As a finishing touch, subtle blue lines are placed on each side of the tang. A nice detail that refers to Le Cordon Bleu.

Zwilling Pure

Simple but elegant

The Zwilling Pure is, as the name states, a knife in its purest form. The design is simple, yet elegant. The knives have a curved hand guard, which not only looks beautiful, but is also more secure when cutting.

V-edge blade

The Zwilling Pure-series features a so-called V-edge to guarantee an optimal cutting performance.

Ice-hardened blade

The blades are forged from a single piece of steel and are equipped with an ice-hardened blade. This provides a better construction and corrosion resistance.

Zwilling Pro

Innovative, traditional, precise

The Zwilling Pro knives have a perfect harmony between innovative design, traditional looks and perfect cutting properties. A knife to love!

Ergonomic handle, with classic look

The handle of the Pro series is ergonomically designed. This makes handling the knives more pleasant, letting you continue cutting for a longer time. The Zwilling Pro knives have a classic design thanks to the rivets in the handle.

Easy to clean, very hygienic

The transition between bolster and blade is seamless. This is of course a nice ergonomic, but also from a hygienic point of view, this is a strong point. The blades are very easy to clean because of this.

Zwilling Professional S

Trusted by top chefs

The Zwilling Professional 'S' series breathes confidence. The blades are functional and hygienic, which makes them perfect for use in the professional kitchen.

Excellent ergonomics

The Zwilling Professional 'S' kitchen knives have a seamless transition from bolster to handle. This improves the ergonomics for the ultimate cutting experience. The hand guard makes sure that you are safe.

Ice-hardened blade

All knives from the Professional 'S' series are equipped with an ice-hardened blade. This provides a better construction and corrosion resistance. Are these specifications important to you? Then a knife from these Zwilling knives series may be for the one you.

Zwilling 1731

A design stimulating your senses

A striking accessory in your kitchen, the Zwilling Twin 1731-knives. The design is created in collaboration with the Italian 'Sutio Matteo Thun' and meets all contemporary high demands in terms of innovation and production. No doubt pleasing to the eye.

Stylish handle of ebony

Special and remarkable is the beautiful handle made of dark ebony. Each knife gets an individual, unique and elegant character.

Quite strong, razor-sharp

The Zwilling Twin 1731-knives feature a Cronodur 30-steel blade. A large area of carbon is substituted for nitrogen. This makes the knives very strong, razor-sharp and is rust resistant. Are you looking for a kitchen knife set that completely finishes your kitchen? Maybe the Zwilling Twin 1731-series will be the preferred one.

Zwilling Twin Chef

For the cost-conscious chef

The Zwilling Twin Chef kitchen knives are the perfect choice for any budget-conscious cook. The knives are excellent to handle and have very reliable cutting properties. You can trust on that!


The knives from the Twin Chef series are full-tang in order to ensure optimal balance. The handle is very ergonomic and is made entirely of plastic. This is for a better grip and helps keep the knife easy to clean.

Sharp and safe

The Twin Chef knives are equipped with a handguard. This makes cutting pleasant, but also very safe.

Zwilling Twin Grip

Peeling and vegetable knives

A thin, slim blade combined with an ergonomic plastic handle are the ingredients of this success recipe. You can never have too much of these knives, as they are used for anything. And they are dishwasher-safe!