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Wicked Edge: tips and tricks

Having fun sharpening your knives: you can do that on a Wicked Edge. The system works fairly straightforward and makes sharpening a lot easier. Professionally sharpened knives are now finally within reach! To get the absolute maximum out of your Wicked Edge, we have a few tips and tricks which we want to share with you. These can help you make the utmost use of your sharpening system.

  • Put a small magnet on the base of the Wicked Edge. During sharpening this will capture the greatest part of the metal particles. Makes a huge difference in cleaning afterwards! Additionally, you avoid the metal particles getting stuck in the hinges and pivots.
  • Chances of damaging a blade on the Wicked Edge are really very small. Are you still afraid you might damage something? Then put a little piece of tape on the clamping point of the blade before you clamp it in the system. Basically, a piece of masking tape sufficient, but other tape can also be used. This way, the clamp will not damage your blade. You can also tape part of the handle, if you sharpen a folding knife. This prevents metal particles from clogging the swivel mechanism.
  • We think that diamond rods are sufficiently cleaned with a bit of water and some soft soap. However, for really thorough cleaning, we spotted the following advice: an ultrasonic bath. Submerge the (sharpening piece of the) rod in the bath and it will be clean like never before. Such ultrasonic cleansers can be bought with your electronics specialist.
  • Do you dislike the sound of the sharpening rods over the guide rods? Then put a little bit of silicone spray on the guide rods. This reduces the friction and makes the lowers the sound siginificantly.
  • Do not exercise too much pressure. Less is more with Wicked Edge. The sharpening rods should do the job, you only have to move them.

With just the Wicked Edge you can get amazing sharpening results. With these tips and tricks you are sure to make the most out of the system. The most important thing, however, we have not yet mentioned: practice! Get to know the Wicked Edge and take your time trying out all the options. We recommend that you use a practice knife for this, then there's no reason for stress. That way you give your own knives a Wicked sharp Edge!