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What is EDC?

In the knife world you often come across the term EDC. But what does it stand for? And what does it mean? We will tell you.

The abbreviation EDC stands for: EveryDayCarry. An EDC knife is a knife you can carry with you every day. Obvious. But there is a little more to it than you might initially think.

Which EDC-knife will suit you best namely depends on how you spend your day. A plasterer who opens bags of stucco every single day will ask something different from his knife than an office clerk who only uses his knife to open letters and peel apples. And yet they can carry a knife with them on a daily basis that to them has their own EDC function.

Is EDC only used for knives?

Even though for many EDC stands for their EDC knife, there are, of course, other items you can also carry with you on a daily basis. From the keychain that accompanies your car keys to your sunglasses and watch. But also a flashlight or pen can be a part of your EDC. Even if you carry an inhaler for your asthma every day, it is a part of your EDC. In addition to your lighter or E-cigarette.

As such it is not that surprising that many people take pleasure in combining and matching all of them. And yes, matching an asthma inhaler with a pocket knife might be tricky, but a silver-coloured pocket knife will look great when paired with a silver-coloured flashlight. Add a silver-coloured pen and you are the king when it comes to EDC.

EDC and Instagram

On Instagram you can find a very lively community with many EDC-enthusiasts. Why not check out Instagram and become inspired. You will come across EDC-enthusiasts who will go to extremes. From Americans who carry a gun next to their knife, to enthusiasts who have filled half their backpack with EDC-related gear. The great thing about EDC is that it is what you make of it. So lots of room for creativity and using your own interpretation.

Knives are photogenic and the fact that you can easily combine them with other high-tech gear such as flashlights and pocket tools have led to many posting their EDC gear every single day. Special knives for special occasions, or for special purposes. Because even that plasterer sometimes has a wedding to go to where a fancy gentleman's knife might be a little more appropriate. And that office clerk also needs to maintain his garden once in a while. It is therefore great when you have different types of 'tools' for different purposes.

EDC knives

We literally sell thousands of different EDC-knives. From budget tot high-end and from European and American to Chinese. Below you will find a couple of our selections.

Budget EDC knives

A good pocket knife doesn't have to cost a fortune. These Budget EDC knives show you that there are also a lot of affordable models. Great pocket knives for great prices. Not only to save money but also when you need a knife you don't have to be careful with.

EDC knives with super steel

EDC knives with super steel offer you optimal sharpness retention. You hardly ever have to sharpen them. These types of steel might not have any superpowers, they are optimized to make maintain their sharpness as long as possible.

Light-weight EDC knives

Always having a pocket knife close also means that you carry the weight of that pocket knife as well. A light-weight EDC knife is perfect for everyone who doesn't want to be bothered by a large and heavy pocket knife in their pocket. Here we selected pocket knives that weigh up to 75 grams. So, light as a feather!

Premium EDC knives

Premium EDC knives are amazing tools you can show off. A great deal of attention is paid to the design and the production quality. These are knives you can be proud of. Sometimes even limited editions, always very cool!