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Top 10 professional kitchen knives

If you also want to use professional kitchen knives at home we have got you covered. In our range you will also find professional kitchen knives you can use on a daily basis. But what are the best professional kitchen knives? We made an overview of the 10 best knives!

What are professional kitchen knives?

There are no specifications that officially make a knife a professional kitchen knife. To make this list, we paid attention to a couple factors a professional will also pay attention to when choosing a kitchen knife. This is what the knives need to adhere to:

  • The knife needs to feel great in hand. A chef, after all, needs to be able to use it the entire day.
  • If you are hands are wet, it shouldn't be able to slip from your hands. That is why the handle needs to be slightly stiff.
  • Hygiene is very important in spaces where food is prepared. That is why the knife needs to be easy to clean. Many of the suppliers of the knives featured in this top 10 state that the knives are even dishwasher proof. We advise against it. You will read why here.
  • Related to this, the maintenance of a professional kitchen knife shouldn't take up too much time. That is why it needs to be made from materials that are easy to maintain. Knives with a blade made from carbon steel or those enhanced with a wooden handle are therefore not an option.
  • A professional kitchen knife is used often. This also means that, in time, the knife needs to be sharpened. Some knives are easier to sharpen than others. The ease of sharpening is something many professionals pay attention to when purchasing their knives. Knives without a crop are, in general, easier to sharpen because a crop gets in the way when you try to sharpen a knife on a sharpening stone.

What are the best professional kitchen knives?

It is not easy determining which are the best knives. A knife some might love, could, for instance, be hated by others. Also, a professional chef doesn't only use one knife. He or she works with different types of knives with each their own function. That is why, for this top 10, we chose for variety.

  1. Eden Classic Damast chef's knife 20 cm

    Eden Classic Damast chef's knife 20 cm

    A chef's knife is called a chef's knife for a reason. It is an essential tool for any professional chef. It is an incredibly versatile knife with which you can carry out most cutting tasks. This chef's knife from the Eden Classic Damast collection offers professional quality for a great price. It is enhanced with a hard core made from AUS10 steel that was placed in between multiple layers of damascus steel. This type of steel is easy to sharpen. You can read more about what damascus is here. The blade runs throughout the entire handle. Because of the seamless fit the knife is easy to clean.

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  2. Zwilling Pro Granton Santoku, 38408-181

    Zwilling Pro Granton Santoku, 38408-181

    The Santoku is basically the Japanese version of the chef's knife. The difference is in the cutting technique. You can read more about the differences between the two knives here. One isn't better or worse than the other, it's simply a matter of personal preference. This santoku comes from the Zwilling Pro collection. The blade is forged from one piece of steel which runs throughout the plastic handle with a seamless transition. The dimples in the blade stand out. These ensure that the food doesn't stick to the blade. If this works is something we put to the test.

    770,00 kr.
    793,00 kr.
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  3. Victorinox Fibrox pastry/bread knife 26 cm 5.2933.26

    Victorinox Fibrox pastry/bread knife 26 cm 5.2933.26

    A good bread knife (or actually, a good serrated knife) is indispensable in the professional kitchen! With this Victorinox bread/pastry knife you can easily cut through any type of bread. It is also great when cutting cakes and pies because you use the round tip to serve. But did you know you can also use the serrated knife when cutting hard vegetables and fruit such as melons and celeriac. The handle of this knife is made from Fibrox (hence the name). Fibrox has the qualities of rubber, but is processed like plastic. Because it is relatively stiff you can also safely use the knife when your hands are wet or when you are wearing gloves.

    281,00 kr.
    ± 1 month
  4. Kai Wasabi Black Deba 15cm 6715D

    Kai Wasabi Black Deba 15cm 6715D

    Professional chef's often use a filleting knife. This is a knife with a thin, flexible blade to fillet meat and fish. A large advantage of this Classic Ikon filleting knife is that there is a crop, but that it does not extend all the way to the edge. It does separate the handle from the blade for safety, but you can still use the entire edge, making it easy to sharpen. The handle is made of POM. A rock-solid type of plastic that is shock, heat and acid proof. It is also easy to clean.

    558,00 kr.
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  5. Victorinox Swiss Modern paring knife 15 cm, lavender-lilac

    Victorinox Swiss Modern paring knife 15 cm, lavender-lilac

    Do you love preparing fish? If so you need this deba! A deba is a Japanese carving knife that was designed to fillet (shell)fish. The blade is thicker than a Western carving knife. As such the knife won't break. A traditional deba is sharpened on one side. As such the edge is razor-sharp. This does mean, however, that it is only suited for right-handed use. With this Kai Wasabi collection, this high quality deba is now also available for a more affordable price. The hard steel is very thin. The handle is made from a combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene which makes the knife sustainable and waterproof.

    270,00 kr.
    In stock
  6. Zwilling Pro chef's knife 18 cm, 38401-181-0

    Zwilling Pro chef's knife 18 cm, 38401-181-0

    You, of course, also need the right knife for the smaller cutting tasks. For it you use this Wüsthof three-piece peeling knife set. The set is comprised of a peeling knife you can use to peel fruit and vegetables and for other small cutting tasks, a tomato knife with a serrated edge with which you can easily cut tomatoes, small buns, cheese or sausages and a turning knife to cut food into equal parts. It is great that the handles of the knives each have a different colour. As such you can quickly find them in your drawer or knife block. The knives are lightweight, which is great when you need to cut a lot.

    670,00 kr.
    693,00 kr.
    ± 1 month
  7. Victorinox Fibrox boning knife 15 cm 5.6003.15

    Victorinox Fibrox boning knife 15 cm 5.6003.15

    This Victorinox paring knife is great for cutting tasks for which a chef's knife is actually too big. The small, lightweight knife with a 15 cm long blade is great for the more precise cutting tasks. The blade has a thin grind over the entire edge. As such the resistance is very low, making it easy to cut through most ingredients. The sleek handle is made from polypropylene. This material is sustainable and easy to clean and feels great in hand. In addition, the knife has a nice modern, sleek design and is enhanced with a unique lavender-lilac colour.

    121,55 kr.
    ± 1 month
  8. Victorinox Fibrox chef's knife 20 cm 5.2063.20

    Victorinox Fibrox chef's knife 20 cm 5.2063.20

    The Zwilling Pro chef's knife is a part of this top 10 because of the steel used to produce the blade. Zwilling namely uses the unique Friodur method. During this special process, the steel is subjected to extreme temperatures in several steps. The steel is ice hardened. The technique provides a better balance between hardness, sharpness and corrosion resistance. Afterwards the blade is sharpened with laser precision. The shape of the handle ensures that the knife feels great in hand.

    285,00 kr.
    ± 1 month