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Knife set culinary school: these knives are a must

Did you apply to culinary school? Cool! You will need good knives. The basis is, according to us, a good three or four-piece set with the essentials: at least a chef's knife and a paring or utility knife. These are the knives you will need during your training. The real must-haves! You then complement them with other knives. As such you mix and match your own set, because, of course, every chef is different.

The basis

We start with the basics: your basis set. We made a list of five sets that contain the real essentials. Good knives for amazing prices. The list is followed by recommendations you can add to your set.

The additions

If you have chosen your basis set you can start to add other essentials.This is mix & match, so you can decide for yourself which knives you will use and which you won't. We recommend the following: