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Spyderco vs Byrd Knives

Everyone has heard of Spyderco. But have you heard of Byrd Knives before? Spyderco's budget brand. These Byrd knives are more affordable and great for those who are just starting to collect knives. The price, however, isn't the only difference between these two brands. In this versus we will tell you more!

The similarities between the Spyderco and Byrd Knives

These brands are related. Byrd Knives was established to give Spyderco fans an affordable alternative. Many characteristics that make the Spyderco knives so popular can also be found on the Byrd knives. Think of the characterizing finger grooves and the popular thumb hole.

Also in terms of colour and material we see similarities. Spyderco and Byrd namely both use G10 and FRN for the handle. And 8Cr13MoV is used for the blades. However, for Spyderco knives this is only the case with the cheaper models.

The differences between the Spyderco and Byrd Knives

The thumb hole:

A clear similarity and also one of the most significant differences: the thumb hole! An opening mechanism invented by Spyderco founder Sal Glesser. The difference can be found in the shape of the hole. For Spyderco this is the characterizing, round 'Spydie hole'. For the Byrd knives the hole is shaped like a comet or bird's head. They basically work the same. The hole on the Spyderco, however, is a little easier to use.

Made in ...?

To keep the price down the Byrd knives are produced in China. For Spyderco this is only the case with the cheaper or very specific knives. Spyderco knives are produced all over the world: Japan, Taiwan, Italy, the United States and, occasionally, China.


We already mentioned it earlier: there are some similarities when it comes to the use of materials. Spyderco, however, is different in this case because it uses more expensive and better materials. Think of types of steel such as CPM S45VN steel, REX45 steel or even Damascus steel. For the handles materials such as titanium, carbon fibre and Raffir Noble are used.

A good example are the Sprint Runs en Limited Editions which Spyderco introduces each year. These knives are enhanced with the most exotic types of steel and handle materials.

Price range:

Better and more exclusive materials make the knives more expensive. A Byrd knife is often priced between 30 and 60 euros. With occasional outliers. While Spyderco knives often start at 50 euros and can go up to 250 euros for the standard models. Sprint Runs can go up to 350 euros and the more exclusive Spyderco knives are often listed at 500/600 euros.


Even in terms of range there is a difference. As we are writing this versus we offer 30 Byrd knives on our website and 260 Spyderco knives. And that's not counting the Spyderco kitchen knives we also sell. Quite a difference.

Spyderco achieves this number by producing many different versions of a popular model. Not only in terms of colour and handle material. Also in terms of types of steel and sometimes even locking mechanisms. Spyderco also produces knives for specific target groups. Take the Salt-serie, for instance, for maritime use. So the chances of finding the right Spyderco knife are also much higher than with Byrd. Byrd Knives also doesn't produce Sprint Runs and Limited Editions.

Which brand will you choose?

As we mentioned earlier: are you looking for a knife to start your collection or are you looking for an affordable pocket knife? If so, a Byrd knife is a great choice! A Byrd knife is also great for those looking for a pocket knife to 'abuse'. To make sure your expensive pocket knives stay in grate shape. A Byrd knife is often more than enough for all your daily tasks.

Looking for a top-quality pocket knife with a nice finish? Do you want to choose between different models and collections? Opt for a Spyderco knife. Most Spyderco knives are enhanced with a better type of steel and retain their sharpness longer. As such you will enjoy your purchase a lot longer.