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Spotlight: Zero Tolerance 762 pocket knife, new in 2021

Like every year, this year Zero Tolerance has once again introduced its new releases. New for 2021: the Zero Tolerance 0762! 

An in-house design

The Zero Tolerance 0762 is an in-house design. This means that Zero Tolerance designed the knife itself. So no cooperation with any famous designer. This is something Zero Tolerance started to do in 2020. They believe in their own strengths and talent. A clever move, if you ask us.

Dimensions of the Zero Tolerance 0762

First we will take a closer look at the dimensions of this pocket knife. These are as follows:

  • Blade length: 8.6 cm
  • Total length: 20.6 cm
  • Length closed: 12.1 cm
  • Blade thickness: 3.0 mm
  • Weight: 82 grams

It is striking that a knife with a total length of over 20 cm still only weighs 82 grams. You often see that compromises were made with regard to the strength of the frame, or that a thin blade was used. Both are not the case. The answer can be found in the clever construction of the handle and the materials used.

Construction of the handle

The most important material of the handle is the carbon fibre. A light-weight material that is also often used in the racing world, for instance. Strong and light-weight, and it also looks amazing. The show side is enhanced with two milled-out 'windows'. When you look through them you see the titanium liners that were placed behind the carbon fibre. Blue anodized for a playful contrast. Because the carbon fibre scales fall around the titanium liners, they are nice and compact. This benefits the overall weight. 

Zero Tolerance's characterizing Sub-Framelock

This Zero Tolerance 0762 is enhanced with the characterizing Sub-Framelock. A lock that secures a lock bar to the inside of the handle as if it were an inset liner lock. The result is a rock-solid lock that was nicely drawn into the design. The lines flow beautifully, never compromising on solidity. That Sub-Framelock is, of course, also enhanced with an insert made from hardened steel. As such the lock will stay in great shape for years to come.

How does the 762 move? KVT & TDS

It wouldn't be a real ZT if this flipper didn't work with KVT ball bearings. We have known for years that Zero Tolerance has become very successful because of this feature. The ball bearings move in a type of plastic 'holder' to make sure they roll smoothly. After wearing them in they will provide you with that 'fall shut action' Zero Tolerance is known for.

Also great: Zero Tolerance enhanced the 762 with a relatively new feature: the Tuned Detent System, or: TDS. This means that the detent (the feature that keeps the knife closed) won't occur because of the detent ball that is placed in the lock bar, like is the case with 99% of these types of pocket knives. No: an additional type of arm or spring was added to the handle, with a detent ball. This makes it possible to precisely regulate the detent and thus the flipper action, without affecting the tension on the lockbar. This also solves the problem that when you push the lockbar with your ring and little finger to open the knife, you cannot open the knife at all.     Something you often see with those who have just purchased their first knife.

Zero Tolerance introduced this system on the 0707 which was introduced in 2020. We are happy to see that this new 0762 is also enhanced with this innovative system.

You open this knife with the flipper. A fun detail is the subtle cut-out in the flipper tab. It nicely fits the cut-outs in the handle. For it Zero Tolerance became inspired by the cock of a pistol or revolver. That part is fairly similar to this flipper.

It's all about the blade

A pocket knife won't do you any good if you cannot use it. Fortunately, aside from all the amazing technical tricks, Zero Tolerance didn't forget to pay attention to the blade. An eccentric design, loosely based on a sheepsfoot. The dent in the edge reminded us of the Zero Tolerance 0055, designed by Gus Cecchini. You do, however, also clearly see that this design is very different from that geometric piece of art. The swedge, or thinner part on the spine of the blade, beautifully highlights the sleek lines that move from the handle to the blade. 

The blade is made from CPM 20CV. Ever since a couple of years it is the standard type of steel used on almost all Zero Tolerance knives. A premium choice that is very similar to Böhler M390 steel. It retains its sharpness well and is corrosion resistant. Truly a great type of steel that leaves little to be desired for a pocket knife like this.

For an extra fancy look and feel the blade is enhanced with a stunning two-tone finish. The flat part is enhanced with a stonewashed finish, and the grind has a satin finish. A subtle contrast that adds to the whole.

Who will appreciate the Zero Tolerance 0762 most?

This is a pocket knife that will appeal to many collectors. It will be the highlight of your showcase and people can immediately tell that this is not your average pocket knife. And yet Zero Tolerance built it as a real Zero Tolerance knife. This means it is robust and ready to be used. It will tackle any task you might carry out on a daily basis. From peeling an apple during a picnic to the more demanding tasks as you work around the house. It is the combination of the stunning design and the excellent American construction quality which makes the Zero Tolerance 0762 so appealing.

As soon as the Zero Tolerance 762 is available you will find it amongst our other Zero Tolerance pocket knives. At the moment we cannot say for sure when we will receive it. We do, however, expect it to arrive just in time for summer.