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Spotlight: Gerber Dual-Force multi-tool

The Gerber Dual-Force is a large multi-tool. Built like a tank to handle any task. But what makes it so great? And what clever features does it contain? We will tell you all about it in this Spotlight!

History of Gerber

Initially introduced as Gerber Legendary Blades, Gerber has a history to be proud of. Ever since 1939 the brand is basically unstoppable. Started out with the production of knife sets for the holidays, but quickly grew out to become one of the largest knife brands in the world. In the United States Gerber is just as popular as industry peer Buck. Millions of Gerber knives have been sold worldwide. Knives that are handed down from father to son for years.

Today Gerber produces innovative knives and multi-tools. For amazing prices. For real users such as first responders and professionals. For years the United States' army has been supplying its troops with thousands of Gerber multi-tools. It says a lot about the quality, innovation and the name that Gerber adds to the knife world.

Tools for the Gerber Dual-Force

Blunt nose pliers

With the Dual-Force Gerber continues its legacy. To better understand what makes this multi-tool so great we will discuss all tools individually! We will, of course, start with the most important: the pliers. Here is where this multi-tool distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition.

The beak of the pliers is flat to make sure you also have enough grip on flat surfaces such as nails or bolts. This is also called a 'blunt nose'. The pair of pliers is enhanced with two cut-outs. A large and a small one with serrations. Use the larger to loosen large bolts and the small one for small bolts or detailed tasks. The beak is more robust than most other multi-tools on the market today. Gerber achieved this with the layered construction of the beak.

The hinged part of the pliers is enhanced with, what Gerber calls, a '2-position slip lock'. With it, you slide the beak further out or in. To make sure you can adjust the beak to the size bolt you wish to loosen. A cool feature you don't often come across.

Screw driver and bit holders

After the success of the Center-Drive, the Dual-Force is now also enhanced with the same characterizing screwdriver. It is enhanced with a bit holder that ends up in the middle of this tool. This means that when you use the tool, it simply turns straight on its axis. Compared to many other multi-tools where the screwdriver is slightly off-centre, so you have to rotate the multi-tool just a little of its own axis.

As such this screwdriver is a lot easier to use. With the long arm you can reach even the most difficult-to-reach places. Something that is not as easy with a 'bulky' multi-tool with a short arm. Like under the hood of a car or in your fusebox.

The end of each handle is enhanced with two bit holders with bits. As such you are never limited to just the one bit in the screwdriver. These bit holders almost seamlessly disappear in the handle. You won't see them until you need them. You can easily pop them out with the protruding tab.

Large blade

The Dual-Force is enhanced with a large 7.5 cm blade. Quite large! Even for a multi-tool this size. You easily open the blade with the thumb hole after which a linerlock will lock the blade. The blade is 2.5 mm thick. Enough for most cutting tasks. Like opening packaging and cutting cardboard to size. The shape of the blade also lends itself nicely for it. The sheepsfoot-style blade is slightly tapered, giving you a sharp tip and a long, straight edge.


You use the saw for all the demanding tasks for which you would rather not use your blade. It is as long as the blade and enhanced with double serrations. As such you have a lot of serrations for a relatively short saw blade. This saw is mostly suited for small pieces of wood and light pruning tasks.

Double-sided file with chisel

Leave it to Gerber to cram as many features as possible into one tool. Positively speaking! In addition to a fine and coarse side this file is enhanced with a chisel at the end. Great when making notches in wood or removing stickers.

Narrow handle

A narrow handle? Is that a feature? Yes! Gerber designed the handle as such that it is 47% narrower than other multi-tools this size. This improves the ergonomics and is also better for user-friendliness. Because the handles are located closer together you can apply twice as much force during use. Hence the name 'Dual-Force'. Especially when you use this multi-tool throughout the day you will notice the difference.

By the way, did you already check out the wire cutter and wire stripper? These are added to the handle just underneath the head of the pliers. Clever! The handles are also enhanced with a ruler with both inches and centimetres.

Nylon sheath

Last but not least: the tool comes with a nylon sheath. With it you can horizontally or vertically carry your multi-tool on your belt. Not surprising since the Dual-Force is not exactly a lightweight tool. In total it weighs 337 grams.

Who will love the Dual-Force?

As mentioned before the Dual-Force is not a small multi-tool. When opened it is namely 19 cm long. This is slightly longer than the Center-Drive with its 16.5 cm. Or even the Leatherman Surge. A comparable multi-tool which, when opened, is 18 cm long.

As such the Gerber Dual-Force is mostly suited for the demanding user who is looking for a large and robust multi-tool. Our conclusion: if that is what you are looking for, the Gerber Dual-Force will be the perfect tool for you!