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Spotlight CRKT CEO: an elegant pocket knife designed by Richard Rogers

In the world of pocket knives, the CRKT CEO is a paragon of simplicity and elegance. The CRKT CEO was designed by famous knife maker Richard Rogers. Discreet, lightweight and barely noticeable in your pocket, the CRKT CEO performs excellently when you need it. No wonder it has become so popular among both pocket knife enthusiasts and professional users. But how did this design come about? And what about the different versions that are available? And perhaps most importantly: which one will suit you best?

Origins of the CRKT CEO

The CRKT CEO was first introduced in 2019. Its streamlined design changed the market for EDC (Everyday Carry) knives. Though most pocket knives are robust and flashy, the CEO introduced a refreshing subtlety. This knife could easily be mistaken for a pen and fit perfectly in the pocket of a jacket or in a bag. It soon grew in popularity among people looking for a stylish yet functional pocket knife that adapted to their daily routine without being intrusive.

Designer Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers is a master at designing functional and aesthetically pleasing knives. He has been creating high-quality knives from his workshop in Magdalena, New Mexico, since 1996. His designs are simple and without frills, but always refined and focused on optimal functionality. Rogers often collaborates with CRKT, resulting in affordable knives that give the feel of custom-made quality. Learn more about Richard Rogers here.

Versions of the CRKT CEO

Standard CRKT CEO

The CRKT CEO 7096 is the original version and the archetype of what a pocket knife should be: slim, lightweight and stylish. With a blade of 79 mm and a total length of 190 mm in open position, it is ideal for light cutting tasks. The handle is made of GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon), which is both light weight and durable. You open the CEO with the thumb stud and when opened the blade is locked by a sturdy liner lock. The handle's subtle texture adds a touch of sophistication.

The CRKT CEO Flipper 7097 is the evolution of the original model, with a flipper mechanism for an even faster and smoother opening. It retains the same elegant look and compact design, but with a slight twist for those who prefer even smoother operation. The handle has a similar texture to the original version, but the addition of the flipper makes this knife just a little more dynamic.

The CRKT CEO Bamboo 7096YGK is a striking variation on the standard CEO, with a bamboo pattern on the handle. This gives the knife a natural and exotic look, while maintaining CEO functionality. The bamboo design makes this model unique and perfect for those who want something different from the standard black colour of most pocket knives.

CRKT CEO Compact models

The CRKT CEO Compact is a smaller version of the original CEO. Its blade is 2 cm shorter and the handle is more compact too. With an overall length of 155 mm in open position, it is perfect for users who prefer a smaller knife without compromising on style or functionality.

CRKT CEO Microflipper models

The CRKT CEO Microflipper is the smallest model in the CEO series. This version has an even more compact design and a microflipper mechanism for easy opening. Despite its smaller size, it retains the CEO's distinctive slim silhouette. The handle is made of aluminium, giving it a premium look and feel. Ideal for those who want an ultra-compact yet sophisticated pocket knife.


Choosing a CRKT CEO depends on your personal preferences. Are you looking for a classic, elegant knife with subtle functionality? The original CRKT CEO 7096 is the perfect choice. For slightly more dynamic handling, the CRKT CEO Flipper 7097 offers a smoother opening. If you like unique designs, the CRKT CEO Bamboo is a perfect choice. For those who want a smaller but equally stylish knife, the Compact and Microflipper models are ideal. Whichever model you choose, the CRKT CEO embodies the perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

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