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Sharpening your own knives!

Having your knife sharpened sounds like a fast and easy solution. However, you can also easily do it yourself! And perhaps even better!

Why sharpen your own knives?

  • Sharpening your knives is a quick and easy job. And, you can even do it from the comfort of your own home, so you won’t be without your knives for a couple of days.
  • It might take a little bit of practice but before you know it you will be better at it than your local knife sharpener.
  • Sharpening knives yourself is a lot cheaper than having your knife sharpened for you. You will have earned your money back in no time.
  • When you sharpen your own knives you can also sharpen your knives a little in between cutting jobs.
  • Sharpening is an artisanal job. It is a great feeling to learn and master a new skill such as sharpening.

When you sharpen your own knives you will quickly learn that there are different ways to sharpen knives. Some more suitable for kitchen knives while others are perfect for pocket knives. Making a distinction between the two might be a little tricky which is why we will help you out!

Which knives do you wish to sharpen?


Kitchen knives  

Pocket knives