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How to pack your backpack

Properly packing your backpack is important, especially if you will carry it for several days in a row. But how do you go about it? In this How-To we will tell you!

Properly dividing the weight

One of the most important things to take into account is that you properly divide the weight. If you properly divide the weight, you will be more stable as you carry your backpack and it will feel a lot more comfortable on your back. That is why you should only put light-weight gear in the bottom of your backpack. A spare set of clothes, for instance. 

The heavy items, such as food and water, should be stored close to your back, in the middle of your backpack. The farther away the gear will be from your back, the lighter they need to be. So never store heavy gear at the top of your backpack or further away from your back. Also make sure you use the front compartment to store the lightest pieces you need to have quick access to. Think of a granola bar, a map or band aids.

Make sure the whole is balanced. Planning to store something heavy on one side of your backpack? Make sure you compensate on the other side. Also never hang too many items from your bag. These will wobble, and you will constantly feel them tugging on your bag. If you have individual items that need to be within reach, store them in a pouch.

Also think practically

Okay, great, that division of weight. But also carefully think about it. If, after all, you store your raincoat at the bottom of your bag, and it starts to rain, it won't be able to keep you dry. So make sure you store gear such as your raincoat or first aid kit somewhere you can easily reach them.

Roll up and organize

Do you want to make sure your bag stays organized? Roll up your clothes. This is one of the best ways to neatly and compactly transport your clothes. Also make sure you have different bags. One for your shirts, one for your socks. That is how you make sure your bag stays organized, but also that you will be able to find what you are looking for. Also great when you are dividing the weight. Your jeans are namely heavier than your shirts.