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New: Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata

They are like two peas in a pod, the famous knife manufacturer Kai and the eccentric German chef Tim Mälzer. It is therefore not that surprising that a new collection of Kai kitchen knives was introduced designed by Mälzer. The results, however, are very surprising. Design knives, made from a well thought-out mixture of materials for an amazing price.

A classic and, at the same time, edgy design

You immediately recognize Mälzer's signature in this collection which is called Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata. Designing original and functional knives it definitely something this chef is an expert at. The handle is stylish and has a classic look, the striking kamagata-style blade is daring. These are knives you won't just leave in the block: when you see them you need to use them!

The Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata-hybrid chef's knife: a unique all-rounder

The absolute eye catcher in this collection is the hybrid chef's knife, with a 20.5 cm blade. The knife has the height and the curved tip of the classic santoku, the length of a western chef's knife and the almost straight edge of a nakiri. For that reason it is a real all-rounder. Vegetables, meat, herbs: cutting them will be a piece of cake with this unique kitchen knife.

Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata hybrid chef's knife, 20.5 cm

In addition to this knife the collection is enhanced with all kitchen knives you might expect. A chef's knife, santoku, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife and a paring knife: there is a knife for any task.

And, last but not least: the price is amazing. The knives are only slightly more expensive than the 'basic' Wasabi collection and relatively cheaper than the Kai Shun Classic knives. Are you looking for a design kitchen knife with an optimal price-quality ratio? If you are Kai and Tim Mälzer will definitely make your life a little better with the Kamagata collection.