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Hultafors Hultan Trekking axe | Expert Review by Bushcraft Alli

As a bushcraft enthusiast I think it is important to use top-quality tools. I need to be able to rely on my axes, saws and knives. But weight is also key. Especially if I need to walk a long way to my camp. When I held the Hultafors Hultan Trekking axe for the first time there was only one thing I could think: this is a match made in heaven.

Hultafors axes

The Hultafors axes are known for their high level of quality and usability. When you hold a Hultafors axe in hand you immediately understand why this company has been around for 130 years! All this experience is used when producing the axes. It is therefore not that surprising that the axe heads in the Premium collection come with a lifelong warranty.

The Hultafors Hultan Trekking axe from the Premium collection is perfect for me because of its weight of only 805 grams and total length of 38.5 cm!

First impressions

As I said before I could only think of one thing when I saw this axe: wow! It literally brought a smile to my face.

The Hultan is compact and feels great in hand. The quality is, as you might expect from a Hultafors axe, very good and the overall construction is impressive. The low weight is great, especially if you carry the axe on the side of your backpack. The result is namely that the weight isn't pulled too much towards one side.


The handle of the trekking axe is made from American Hickory wood and treated with linseed oil. Because of the slight curve the handle will never slip from your hands during use. Amazing! Just before the head the handle is a little thinner to make sure you have more control over the axe during the finer tasks. However, because of the total length of the handle, you can also easily use this axe for the more demanding tasks. Think of chopping wood for a campfire.


The sheath is made from top-quality leather and contains a loop to make sure you can carry the axe on your belt. This loop has enough room for belts up to 4 cm wide. Such a shame! I think it would have been better if the loop would have had more room for broader belts. Outdoor belts are namely often a little broader than those 4 cm. You can secure the sheath at the head with a leather strap to make sure you won't lose it. This classic leather sheath doesn't only look great, it feels great in hand.

Axe head

The head of the axe is made from top-quality Swedish carbon steel with a nice 'brut de forge' finish and weighs 500 grams. The convex edge is 7.2 cm long and razor-sharp. Because the edge is so sharp you can easily use the head for wood carving tasks. Also great: because the axe is enhanced with a convex grind it will retain its sharpness well. Incredibly practical!

Whether you use this axe for detailed tasks, for the more-demanding jobs such as splitting firewood or to secure pegs in the ground with the head: the Hultan will become one of your best friends.


I absolutely adore the Hultafors Hultan Trekking axe and know that I will enjoy it for years to come. This axe exceeded all my expectations. The practical size and the ease of use are perfect if you are looking for a solid axe that cannot weigh too much.

The Hultan is razor-sharp and therefore easy to use, and the leather sheath perfectly fits the style of this classic axe.

In the end it doesn't really matter which Hultafors axe you purchase. I do, however, know one thing for sure: the Hultan will never let you down.

Bushcraft Alli

Alli shares her bushcraft adventures via her instagram account bushcraft_alli. She loves nature and sharing her passion with the world.

Thank you bushcraft_alli for your review!