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How-to: How do you install Daily Customs scales?

Installing Daily Customs scales and accessories is easy. The only thing you need are a couple tools, a clean working environment and a good step-by-step plan! In this How-To we will tell you exactly what you need to do for a successful result.


  • A Victorinox pocket knife
  • Daily Customs scales
  • Daily Customs Wolfcraft clamps or a vice
  • Daily Customs Loctite epoxy
  • A thin screwdriver like a screwdriver for glasses
  • A hard piece of plastic or wood like a plectrum or card
  • A screwdriver with an allen key of 1.5 mm / 1/16 inch
  • Degreaser
  • Optional: Daily customs pocket clip
  • Optional: 550 paracord

Step 1: the right scales

The first step is finding the right scales for the Victorinox you wish to upgrade! We do have to say that only the Victorinox knives with cellidor (plastic) scales are compatible.

Does your Victorinox pocket knife have a closed length of 91 mm? If so, you need a scale from the 91 collection. Does your Victorinox pocket knife have a closed length of 58 mm? Yes, you guessed it, you need a scale from the 58 collection. Simple right? You can tell if a scale is part of that collection if you look at the product name and the product text of the scale.

Step 2: removing the scales

Before you add the new scales you need to remove the toothpick, tweezers (if applicable also the pen) and the standard scales. Our tip? Use a thin screwdriver, put it into a cut-out in the scale and use it as a lever to lift it up. Don't apply too much pressure to prevent damage to the knife and the scales.

Step 3: fitting the scales and cleaning the knife

Place the scales on the knife and check to see if the toothpick, tweezers and pen fit inside the cut-outs. If applicable: secure the included screws for the pocket clip. Does everything fit? You are ready for the next step: cleaning the knife. It is important to properly degrease the surfaces you will add epoxy to. Use a degreaser and allow it to dry.

Step 4: securing the scales

You are ready to secure the scales. Find everything you need: the scales, the knife, the clamps, the epoxy and make sure the surface is clean. The epoxy is comprised of two components. Mix these with the included ice cream stick on the paper that is stored in the packaging. It will take 3 to 5 minutes for the epoxy to dry so don't wait too long. Add a little bit of the epoxy to the insides of the scales. Not the knife. Why? This way you can easily avoid the cut-outs for the toothpick, pen and tweezers. You don't want to find epoxy here. Don't use too much epoxy to prevent it from being pushed out from the sides.

Step 5: clamps and drying

Add the epoxy covered scales to the knife. Firmly press down. Now use the clamps or a vice. These will keep the scales in place as the epoxy dries. They also ensure enough pressure is applied, so you don't end up with gaps. Tip: add something soft, like a piece of leather, in between the scales and the beak of the clamp or vice to prevent scratches on the scales.

Step 6: almost done!

Has the epoxy dried? If so, your Victorinox pocket knife with Daily Customs scales is almost finished! Remove the clamps and check to see if epoxy was pushed out from the sides. Is this the case? You can easily remove it with a hard piece of plastic or wood. Now place the tweezers and toothpick (and, if applicable, the pen) into the right cut-outs.

Step 7 (optional): adding a pocket clip

Do you also own a Daily Customs pocket clip? You have one step left to go! Loosen the pocket clip screws and place them somewhere you won't lose them. Place the pocket clip on the three screw holes and secure the screws. Don't apply too much pressure to prevent damage to the screws. Avoid using Loctite.

Now your upgraded Victorinox pocket knife is ready to be used! Did you get the hang of it? Take it up a notch and personalize your pocket knife with a cool paracord.

Installing the scales and warranty

You add the scales and accessories at your own risk. Knivesandtools is not liable for any damage you cause to the knife.