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Camping head torches: for hiking trips and at the campsite

During camping trips it is inevitable that you will need something to light up the dark. Having your hands free at that time is incredibly useful. When you are out hiking a great head torch is also indispensable. A set-back that has led to you pitching your tent in the dark? That will no longer be an issue when you own a head torch. We have listed the best head torches for when you are out on a hiking trip or enjoying the campsite.

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Head torches for at the campsite

Whether you sleep in a tent or caravan: there are always situations during which you could use some light. Whether you need to tighten your guy ropes at night because bad weather is coming, or change the gas bottle in the dark: with a head torch it will be a piece of cake.

It is also incredibly useful to have a head torch that has been enhanced with red light. After all, red light doesn’t disrupt your night vision and also won’t disturb your tent companions. As a result you can quietly read a book at night without waking the others with your bright light.

    Head torches for hiking purposes

    Tijdens het hiken wil je een degelijke, betrouwbare hoofdlamp die waterdicht is en een goede accuduur biedt. Even bijladen zit er immers vaak niet in. Ook moet hij een behoorlijk bereik bieden zodat je navigatiepunten kunt spotten.