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Which flashlights for geocaching? 3 winners

When you are busy looking for a cash (treasure) at night you need to make sure your light won't let you down. A long burn time is also important. And let's not forget about being able to see your route and GPS. That is why we will highlight these three Fenix lights. With these lights you will not only find your treasure, you can also properly enjoy your surroundings.

Fenix TK26R flashlight

The Fenix TK26R is compact, rechargeable and enhanced with three light colours: white, red and green. This is truly the best combination for geocaching purposes. In addition to lighting up your surroundings you maintain your night vision with the red light. The green light is great when reading a map in the dark. With a maximum light output of 1500 lumens the Tk26R is a real hulk. And because of its compact size you can also easily take the flashlight with you.

  • Maximum light output: 1500 lumens
  • Number of light modes: 7
  • IP-norm: IP68, dust and waterproof (when held under water)
  • Rechargeable: yes
  • Light colour: white, red, green

Fenix HL32R rechargeable head torch

The Fenix HL32R is there for you when you want to keep your hands free. Great when you go that extra mile. Because of the extremely low 3 lumen moonlight mode you can also easily light up objects up close without blinding yourself. The HL32R is enhanced with a broad beam to make sure you can light up your surroundings.

  • Maximum light output: 400 lumens
  • Number of light modes: 9
  • IP-norm: IP66, dust proof and protected from heavy downpours.
  • Rechargeable: yes
  • Light colour: white, red

Fenix Tk22 UE tactical flashlight

With the Fenix TK22 Ultimate Edition you can handle any adventure. This flashlight was originally developed for tactical purposes. As such it is incredibly robust and can handle extreme weather circumstances. But that is not all. With this flashlight you can light up distances up to 405 meters. Perfect when you are looking for something in the distance!

  • Maximum light output: 1600 lumens
  • Number of light modes: 5
  • IP-norm: IP68, dust and waterproof (when held under water)
  • Rechargeable: yes
  • Light colour: white

Geocaching: maintaining your night vision

For geocaching it is important to maintain your night vision. Especially when you need to light up a lot that is located up close. Red light is the perfect solution. Because this colour is easier on the eyes you maintain your night vision. Some lights are already enhanced with red light, but it is also possible to enhance your flashlight with a filter. Also great: red light also attracts less insects.

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