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Eden Kanso Aogami information

The knives of the Eden Kanso Aogami serie are made of the famous JapaneseAogami-steel (Blue Paper Steel). These knives are made with one objective: providing ultimate cutting qualities!

Thin, very sharp and abrasion resistant!

For our knives we have opted for very hard steel (HRC 62 to 63) with a very fine structure. The blades are made very thin. The Eden Kanso Aogami knives therefore are very sharp, abrasion resistant and easy to sharpen yourself to extreme sharpness.

Attention: 'Blue Paper Steel' is not rust resistant!

Important instructions for use:

If you follow these instructions your Eden Kanso Aogami knives will be a joy to use for many years.

  • Use the knives to cut but absolutely not for chopping or wrenching.
  • Do not use the knives to cut frozen food. That requires strength which the thin sharpened blade is not resistant to. Also be careful around hard vegetables, semi-defrosted products, old cheese and crunching nuts
  • Use a wooden or plastic surface but no hard materials like glass, ceramic or natural stone. Those materials are harder than the hardest steel and quickly blunt any knife.
  • Never clean the knives in the dishwasher. They are not rust resistant and also have a wooden handle.
  • Clean the knives after use with water and some detergent and dry them. Possibly lubricate the blade lightly with vegetal oil.
  • Protect the knives when not in use by carefully storing them.
  • The Eden Kanso Aogami knives are not rust resistant, which means that their surface will discolour. That is completely normal for knives made of carbon steel.
  • It is a good Japanese tradition to keep your knives sharp! We recommend the use of a set of good whetstones. Start with a relatively coarse (for example #220) whetstone to get / maintain the shape right and finish the knife with a #1000 stone or finer for an even sharper result.


We guarantee that the Eden Kanso Aogami knives are free from material and manufacturers defects, for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

The knives are not rust resistant and will therefore superficially discolour.

The knives are definitely not dishwasher safe and the wooden handle must be kept dry. Also clean and dry the blade immediately after use.

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