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Shot Show 2019: the newest Chris Reeve pocket knives

Anyone who is familiar with Chris Reeve Knives knows that they produce a limited CGG collection each year. The pocket knives from this collection are knives with intriguing computer generated graphics that are only available in that specific year. If the year is over they are discontinued. This makes them real collector's items! But that is not all. Chris Reeve Knives surprised the knife world in 2018 with the new Impinda. A cooperation with knife maker and designer Bill Harsey. This ground-breaking modern slipjoint, with an innovative slipjoint mechanism, definitely appealed to us as Europeans. At the Shot Show we got the opportunity to take a closer look at the Impinda and the new CGG models with Tim Reeve, and to learn more about the story behind these remarkable knives.

New in the inlay Sebenza collection: natural micarta

We already spotted it on the handles of the Nyala collection and the inlays of the Inkosi collection. Natural canvas micarta! Previously black canvas micarta was the only type of micarta used for the Sebenza 21. Strange really, considering all other models were enhanced with this material. Sebenza fans don't have to worry because this is no longer the case. Both the small Sebenza and the large Sebenza are soon available with natural canvas micarta inlays! With these additions Chris Reeve gives you even more to choose from within the already large range.

Chris Reeve Large Sebenza with natural micarta inlays

The New Chris Reeve CGG-models for 2019

Sebenza 21 CGG Lunar Landing

In July of 1969 the Apollo 11 left for the moon. 8 days, three hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds later two Americans were the first people ever to set foot on the moon. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historical event Chris Reeve Knives produced the Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 CGG Lunar Landing. A remarkable pocket knife that commemorates this moment with an engraving of the moon landing on the handle. The handle has been enhanced with a stunning Chrysocolla Cabochon stone which represents the earth. On the other side of the knife we find an engraving of the first foot print on the moon, and the time that the Apollo 11 needed to reach the moon. Breath-taking!

Sebenza 21 CGG Lunar Landing

Sebenza 21 CGG Rhino

The CGG Rhino is the third pocket knife in the Chris Reeve Big Five collection. The African big five are known for being the five most difficult animals to hunt. As a tribute to these magnificent animals Chris Reeve Knives produces a CGG model which depicts one of these animals each year. This year one of the most majestic animals to ever walked the globe is up next, the rhino.

Sebenza 21 CGG Rhino

Sebenza 21 CGG Chain Mail

The Sebenza 21 CGG Chain Mail is a little more subtle compared to the previously mentioned CGG models. The milled chain mail pattern looks very nice but mostly gives you a lot of grip during use. As a result you not only own a collector's item, you also own a knife you can use on a daily basis.

Sebenza 21 CGG Chain Mail

De Chris Reeve Impinda

As mentioned before the Impinda was one of the most special knives introduced in 2018. In this exclusive video Tim Reeve will tell you more about this fancy pocket knife and how it functions. Curious to find out how the Impinda came to be? Why not check out our article about the birth of the Chris Reeve Impinda here.

We hope to have these new models in stock soon. In the meantime we will be posting multiple topics about the 2019 Shot Show and the newest products. Stay tuned! Stay tuned!

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