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Buying guide woodworking saws: which saw do I need?

If you are going to work with wood you want to finish your project as neatly as possible. A good woodworking saw is then a must-have. These work so efficiently you often don't even have to finish your work! But which do you choose? To get you started, we have listed the different types of saws in this woodworking saws buying guide.

Kataba: saws with a single serration

A Kataba saw is enhanced with a single serration. This saw is perfect for cross cuts: cutting perpendicular to the grain of the wood. Because this saw is not enhanced with a spine, and because the blade is relatively flexible, you end up with a clean cut. The finer the serrations the cleaner the cut. This means you hardly have to finish the product. But with coarser serrations you can work faster. So in the end it comes down to personal preference!

Ryoba: saws with double serrations

The main advantage of these saws is that you never have to switch saws. It is basically a two-in-one saw. You simply turn it over and you can continue your work! One side of the ryoba saw is perfect for cross cuts, and the other is perfect for rip cuts. Here the same applies as mentioned before: coarser serrations make you work faster, finer serrations make you work more neatly.