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Top 10 best binoculars of 2020

Every nature enthusiast appreciates a great pair of binoculars. Everything that is happening far away, can easily be brought closer. The nesting sparrow, an approaching boat or an impressive eagle. With binoculars your outdoor experience will become even more special. But what pair should you choose? We love to help you out and made a list of the ten best binoculars of 2020.

  1. Eden binoculars  XP 8x42

    Eden binoculars XP 8x42

    If you are looking for binoculars with a great price/quality ratio we recommend the Eden binoculars. The Eden XP 8x42 is a pair of roof prism binoculars with a very clear and sharp image with a high edge sharpness. Remarkable about this pair is the width of the field of view. It is no less than 129 meters at 1000 meters of distance which is great for 8x42 binoculars! Combined with the quick focus this ensures that you will quickly and easily find your target.

    2.225,00 kr.
    In stock
  2. Swarovski  EL 8,5 X 42 Swarovision binocular

    Swarovski EL 8,5 X 42 Swarovision binocular

    The Swarovski EL 8.5x42 is an unrivalled pair of binoculars. It is for a reason that this Swarovski was crowned the winner in the Roots Big Binoculars Test. The optical performance is perfect. The binoculars offer an unprecedented level of contrast and a natural image with full edge sharpness. In addition, this pair is enhanced with dioptre correction with locking function to make sure the settings don't change when you don't want them to. The Swarovski EL 8.5x42 W B Swarovision is the pair many bird enthusiasts dream of.

    16.210,00 kr.
    ± 1 week
  3. Leica Trinovid 8x42 HD binoculars

    Leica Trinovid 8x42 HD binoculars

    The Leica Trinovid 8x42 is the perfect companion. It is compact and offers strong optic performances: incredibly sharp, clear images with natural colours and optimal contrast. You can easily set the Trinovid HD to your liking. The eye cups, for instance, can be adjusted and are, as such, perfect for spectacle wearers. With a close focus of 1.8 meter you can also use this pair for close-ups. This Leica binocular comes with an 'Adventure Strap'. As such you have a binocular harness and carrier bag in one.

    9.621,00 kr.
    In stock
  4. Eden binoculars  XP 10x42

    Eden binoculars XP 10x42

    The XP 10x42 is slightly bigger than the Eden XP 8x42. The unique feature of this pair is the width of the field of view. It is no less than 114 meters at a 1000 meter distance, which is great for 10x42 binoculars! The di-electric and phase-correction coatings on the prisms contribute to the very high light transmission of the XP models. The result is a lively and sharp image. Like the Eden XP 8x42 you can easily focus the pair on objects that are located close by, up to 1.2 meters! A massive plus. Great when studying insects.

    2.225,00 kr.
    In stock
  5. Leica NOCTIVID 8x42 binoculars

    Leica NOCTIVID 8x42 binoculars

    The Leica Trinovid 10x42 is the big brother of the Leica Trinovic 8x42, which comes in second in this top 10 best binoculars of 2020. It is compact and offers strong optical performances. Sharp, a clear image with natural colours and optimal contrast. The close focus is, when compared to the 8x42, even better: no less than 1.6 meters. The interpupillary distance is adjustable from 58 to 74 mm, as such you can adjust this Leica to your liking. Perfect for spectacle wearers.

    21.396,00 kr.
    ± 2 weeks
  6. Bushnell Forge 10x42 binoculars

    Bushnell Forge 10x42 binoculars

    The Swarovski SLC 10x42 W B is a professional roof prism binocular. Swarovski was able to lower the price of this pair to make it even more appealing. The focus works by means of a patented centrally positioned focus wheel with integrated dioptric correction. The casing is completely dust-proof and even waterproof up to a depth of 4 meters thanks to the nitrogen filling.

    5.045,45 kr.
    5.311,00 kr.
    In stock
  7. Swarovski EL 10X42 Swarovision binocular

    Swarovski EL 10X42 Swarovision binocular

    The Leica NOCTIVID 8x42 is favoured by many bird watchers and wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. The name NOCTIVID comes from noctua, a type of owl that is active during the day. The name is a metaphorical reference to the extremely innovative baffle/diaphragm system. This system minimizes scattered light and ensures maximum contrast. Especially in areas with a lot of sunlight this unique system will offer a lot of added value.

    16.350,00 kr.
    ± 1 week
  8. Kahles Helia 8x42 binoculars

    Kahles Helia 8x42 binoculars

    This Bushnell binocular functions incredibly well with little light. It is the result of the Ed Prime glass, dielectrically coated BAK-4 prisms, Ultra-wide Band anti-reflective coating and Bushnell's exclusive EXO-Barrier Protection. Another main advantage of the Forge binoculars is that you can use them regardless of the weather. This pair is namely sealed with an o-ring for optimal protection against moisture.

    8.312,00 kr.
    ± 1 week

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