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How do you handle binoculars?

A good pair of binoculars is a stunning and practical instrument. To get the most of your binoculars it is good to know what you should and shouldn’t do. Not only will it make using  your binoculars better, you will enjoy it a lot longer.

Keep the lenses clean

To guarantee a clear image it is key that you keep the front lens and the lens your eye is closest to clean. Remove dust, dirt, oil and grease immediately, before they accumulate. As a result you will prevent that at a later stage you will have to wipe a large amount of dirt over your lenses which could cause scratches. Get used to cleaning the lenses with a lens pen and/or cleaning cloth before putting the protective caps on.

Don’t drop it

Binoculars are built to last, but they are definitely not indestructible. When you treat your binoculars roughly or drop it you risk internal damage. As a result you can disrupt the collimation of the pair. In addition, you could damage the eyecups, not to mention the cosmetic damage. A pair of binoculars is a portable precision instrument that deserves a little TLC.

Moisture and sunlight

Many binoculars are waterproof. And, of course, they won’t do you much good underwater. However, it will make sure they can handle showers or an unfortunate dive in the water. You, should, however, never tempt fate. 

If your pair has gotten wet you can simply dry it a little with a cloth after which you should let it dry at room temperature. Don’t place it in direct sunlight! This could cause condensation, something you want to avoid. Give the bins a couple of days to properly dry.

Never look straight into the sun with your binoculars! You can cause irreparable damage to your eyes and can even go blind!

Also don’t leave your pair out in the sun for a longer period of time. Also not on the dashboard of your car. The rubber casing could crack and you cannot rule out condensation. Especially on the dashboard of your car the temperatures can quickly start to rise. 40 to 50 degrees Celsius is definitely possible in summer.

Don’t look through the pair when walking

Walking when looking through binoculars could be very dangerous. Distances are difficult to assess and you could risk missing obstacles.

Use a tripod

When you use your binoculars for a longer period of time you will notice that you will quickly grow tired. Holding the pair still will also become more difficult. Many bins, however, can also be used with a tripod. Depending on the type of pair you own you need an adapter. With a tripod you can look at one object for a longer period of time without wearing out your arms. Also practical, for instance, when you want to make notes of the things you are looking at.

Binoculars glossary

When you follow these tips you can enjoy your binoculars for life. Want to learn more about the technical qualities and terms when it comes to binoculars? Why not check out our binoculars glossary?