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CKRT Buying Guide: which CRKT knife will suit you best?

CRKT produces amazing, innovative knives. In all shapes and sizes. For daily use and tactical purposes. You name it, CRKT has got it! This does, however, mean that finding the right knife can be tricky. That is why we will help you out with this buying guide!

I am looking for a CRKT pocket knife

Looking for a CRKT knife for daily use? We have got you covered! CRKT pocket knives are perfect to keep close for daily tasks. Think of opening boxes and many more! Here you will therefore find many popular CRKT knives.

I am looking for a CRKT knife for fancy occasions

Even for fancy occasions CRKT produces excellent knives. These are slim and therefore amazing to carry in your trousers or fancy jacket. Enhanced with stunning handle materials such as wood and carbon fibre and very classy. These knives complement your outfit.

I am looking for a tactical CRKT knife

CRKT produces robust knives for tactical purposes. Many of those are designed in cooperation with war veterans. These knives are a part of the Forged by War collection. CRKT donates a part of the proceeds from this collection to charity. A charity chosen by veterans. The knives are designed to be used and perfect for every mission.

I am looking for a fixed CRKT knife

From small neck knives to tactical fixed knives. Here you will find all fixed CRKT knives. These knives have many advantages. You don't have to worry about dirt accumulating in hinging parts, or that the lock doesn't work as it should. Get a fixed CRKT knife if you are looking for a no-nonsense knife.

I am looking for a CRKT outdoor product

CRKT is not only known for its knives. The hand axes, tomahawks and other outdoor tools they produce are also very popular. Beloved by soldiers and survival experts worldwide. Getting ready for an outdoor adventure? If so, a CRKT outdoor tool will be indispensable.

I am looking for a CRKT knife designed by one of the most famous CRKT designers

CRKT works with today's most innovative knife makers and designers. Many of these names might sound familiar. Like the famous Danish designer Jesper Voxnaes, or the American Ken Onion. Here you can find the perfect CRKT knife based on the top five most famous CRKT designers.

All pocket knives

Do you prefer to check out all our CRKT knives? This is, of course, also an option. Here you will find all our CRKT knives. From small to large. Tip: use the filters for the right selection.